10 Different Types of Coupon Discounts

If you want to save a lot of money using coupons then you need to thoroughly understand them. One key thing that you should learn is what the different types of discounts and deals are that coupons offer. Following are ten of the most common types of coupon discounts for you to get more familiar with.

  1. Amount discounted from item’s total cost. For example, you may get a coupon for $10 off of your purchase. Often this type of coupon comes with a restriction (such as $10 off of your purchase when you spend $25 or more). This is a fairly straightforward type of coupon but you need to make sure that you aren’t spending more just to get the deal.
  2. BOGO coupons. This stands for “buy one, get one free”, a very common type of coupon. This is a really straightforward coupon that almost always results in good savings. The only trick is to make sure not to use these coupons for items you wouldn’t bother buying in the first place. A deal isn’t a deal if you don’t really want the item that you’re buying.
  3. Buy one, get one half off. This type of coupon is similar to the BOGO coupon although it doesn’t result in as much savings. Make sure not only that you want the item to begin with but also that you truly want the extra item that you’re paying half price for.
  4. Buy several, get one free. This is another variation of the BOGO coupon. This is only a good deal for you if you’re buying a staple item that you use regularly and it makes sense to buy it in bulk. Otherwise this coupon is usually a waste of your money.
  5. Coupons for members. You may receive special coupons in the mail or in your email because you are a member of something such as AAA, a loyalty club or some other group. These coupons are good deals if they are for discounts on items that you would buy but can easily lead to impulse purchases if you aren’t careful. Also be wary of signing up for new memberships just to get coupons since there’s usually a membership cost or catch.
  6. Get an item free with purchase. Sometimes you will see a coupon offering you a free item when you make a purchase over a certain amount at a specific store. For example, you may get a free toothbrush when you spend $25 at your local convenience store. This coupon is a good deal if two conditions are met: you shop at the store and would spend that money anyway AND you’ll use the item that you’re getting for free.
  7. Get an item free. On rare occasions you will see a great coupon deal to get an item for free. This is typically offered as a marketing ploy to spread the word about new products. This is a good coupon since you’re getting something for nothing. The only thing to beware of is getting an item that you won’t use. If you tend to keep too much clutter around the house then this can add to that problem and take away from your quality of life. That said, this is usually a good coupon type.
  8. Get free shipping. If you are purchasing an item online then you should always look for a coupon code that offers you free shipping. These are widely available and it simply doesn’t make sense to pay extra for shipping if you don’t have to. There’s rarely a catch with this type of coupon although there may be a certain spend amount that you have to meet to get that deal. In that case, make sure that you don’t buy more just to get free shipping.
  9. Percentage off of the total purchase or total item cost. This is a common type of coupon that you’ll see. It gives you a certain percentage off of the cost (such as 10%). To get the best deal using this type of coupon you need to be able to calculate the final cost that you’ll pay with the cost of comparable sale items.
  10. Rebate coupons. These types of coupons usually give you a good amount of savings but require you to send the coupon and receipt in to get the savings. These are good coupons for items that you’re going to buy anyway especially big ticket items like consumer electronics. However, they only work if you’re diligent about sending them in right away after you’ve made the purchase so make sure that you do that!

Contributor: Mitch is a blogger for savings.com, leading provider of coupon codes.

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