Create Online Animation with Loxia Studio

Loxia Studio is an online animation creation service which allows users to quickly and more importantly, easily make high-quality photo animations and add them to their sites.


The key aspect of their online tool is simplicity, as most of their visitors aren’t IT professionals and don’t have any background in web design. People typically find the prospect of dealing with Flash/HTML/Javascript and XML files pretty daunting, so this service gives the user confidence to have a go themselves.


It is clear that a lot of thought has gone into delivering a clear and intuitive interface.


Visitors are guided through each aspect of the creation process, with further assistance available in the form of real-time online support and step-by-step tutorials.


The Loxia Studio catalogue currently contains a total of 47 carefully selected and highly customizable animations in a mixture of Flash and jQuery. Right from the outset they have listened to visitor suggestions and their range of animations is always expanding.



Once you have created an animation you can integrate into your website by using a simple ‘integration code’ which is adapted to the type of site you have at the click of a button. Simply copy and paste this code into your site and that’s it. They even host your animation!


Alternatively, If you prefer there is an option to download the animation in zip file and host it yourself.


Take a look for yourself

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  • saha

    Informative post. Loxia Studio is awesome. I’ve checked Loxia Studio services. Very quick and easy to use. Results are awesome. Thanks for sharing.