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With the great impact of technology on the web design development, website builders have rapidly turned into credible alternatives to the paid professional services. DIY tools now provide high quality and cost-efficient solutions for many entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.

If driven to create a professional website, this article is just for you.

Discover Puzl, a new revolutionary website builder which could be a smart business move gearing towards your online success.

On top of being free, Puzl is also easy and of quality. You start building your site from pre-selected website templates including both photos and text to help you easily build your professional website.

What is Puzl?

Puzl is a business website builder,  headquartered in the UK and offering affordable alternative to traditional web design by enabling the creation of fully customizable and professional websites without any competences of web design needed. The tool is targeting the professional world of entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and SMEs and all internet users, even the non-savvy ones, who are willing to build a website on their own and successfully promote their business and gain an online visibility. Puzl provides an all-in-one solution, letting users create their website, constantly improve it, host it and promote it through different avenues.

Sounds intriguing? Here it is the whole set of functionalities that make the platform simple to use, yet powerful:

  • 100% free of charge 

    Puzl can be a real life-saver for those who are on a shoestring budget. Building a website on Puzl is 100% free of charge with no trial periods or hidden costs included. Once built on the platform, your Puzl website stays free forever.  No limitation of storage, bandwidth or pages apply, allowing users to add as many pages, text content and photos as they need to set their websites apart from the competition.Being a Freemium website builder, the free base of the software does not include any restrictions so users are able to fully benefit from the tools placed at their disposal. Besides, the web page maker also includes premium features. Puzl has currently launched the Domain mapping service, which is available on a monthly subscription basis. It makes your website URL change from a sub-domain of Puzl ( to (, .org, etc). Other advanced premium features such as E-commerce and Custom designs are also planned to be released shortly.

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop interface 

    Puzl boasts a powerful and user-friendly interface that facilitates members in their creation process. As they put it “the highly intuitive Drag and Drop system, based on grid with full liberty of movement, is designed to meet the needs of both advanced internet users and beginners alike”. Considering simplicity to be a tagline of Puzl, the tool makes it easy for everyone to effortlessly manage and fully customizable website with no coding experience required. Simply drag the page elements (widgets) you wish to use and drop them to the desired spots. You can also any time edit, remove, pan or resize all elements with an absolute ease. No external help needed.

  • Full design customization


    Even if not having the slightest idea of coding, you will be surprised how greatly your website could be customized. Sleek and user-friendly with lots of room for customization, Puzl interface provides full freedom of personalization to ensure the creation of unique multi-faceted websites.For those being creatively blocked or not feeling confident in design, Puzl professionals have proposed a number of pre-defined business templates to give a general idea of how professional websites would look like, conforming the business sectors they belong to. With these specific design proposals, the tool delivers a great ready-to-use base for further customization. High quality stock photos are also provided to save you time and energy while achieving the request effect.


    Those who already have an eye for design are free to unleash their creative ideas and build their webpages from scratch, having at their disposal a blank canvas and a rich collection of widgets. Puzl designers have made available over 25 widgets such as text, image, HTML widget, video, sound, slideshows, photo, galleries, Google map, link, buttons, etc.  To make most out of them, you are able to leverage the great visual effects of the slideshows, implement some enticing photo galleries or integrate helpful videos to garner higher engagement rates.

    You can also enjoy a rich palette of nuances and make your text content more attractive and better fitting the overall design. Choice is yours; you simply need to make the best move to tailor your website according to your business goals.

    Most importantly, whatever customization changes you decide to make, you can do it on your own without any expert assistance. Being flexible to tweak your page’s color scheme, backgrounds or add new appealing images, control over the site remains yours at all times.

  • Ads-free interface

    Are you irritated by those annoying toolbars and pop-ups in the websites you happen to visit? Do you get distracted by the advertising banners that have nothing to do with what you are looking for when checking out those site? No worries! This will not happen to your website, not with Puzl. Realizing the vital importance to retain the professional nature of the sites built within the platform, Puzl team  has configured an ads-free interface that allows your website to appear exactly the way it was created. All the websites designed with Puzl will stay clear of undesired advertisements. This is a forward looking approach and definitely one of the best features within the platform.

  • Social media integration


    Not underestimating the huge profit of Social media in the contemporary business picture, the tool is social media integrated, giving users the opportunity to expand their business reach to all major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). How can they do that? For these purposes, Puzl has made available an interactive “news wall”, directly connected to social media channels. Playing the role of an internal blog, it enables members to directly publish on their sites short updates (micro blogging messages up to 240 characters) or post full articles, including photos, videos, etc. After being published on the site, they can be automatically syndicated to Social Media in one click only.On top, new Facebook and Twitter widgets have been recently launched to let users embed Facebook and Twitter company accounts to their webpages and make them even more user interactive.


  • Mobile optimization

    The fast evolution of mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) has led to a dramatic change in the internet world of navigation. Being aware of this fact, Puzl has already thoughtfully adapted the entire interface to make sure that websites, built within the platform, are accessible from all navigators, integrating touch screen technologies. Optimized for all devices and browsers, the tool stays ahead of the curve, assuring all users passionate about new technologies, that their Puzl websites are easy navigational and extra future-proof! 

  • SEO friendly configuration 

    SEO is a high-priority factor in Today’s competitive digital space. Having this in mind, Puzl is passionate about putting the power of the Web into the hands of its members by providing a strong online presence for the websites on the platform. That is why the tool boasts a specially designed SEO architecture, sticking to the best practices and assuring the rapid increase of sites’ online visibility.In plus, the platform has also excellently been prepared to reflect on the tricky requirements of the Search Engines. By providing a comprehensive online step-by-step process to building a free SEO website, members are duly advised on how to pick the best URL structure, use the most efficient techniques to write unique content, choose the best key words and meta descriptions, etc.


  • Effective Customer support and In-editor help 

    To excel users’ experience with the tool and ensure a sleek creation process, Puzl provides not only an online comprehensive help but timely customer support as well. Adapted to all customers’ needs, it includes both real time email and telephone customer assistance, to provide an expert advisory and shape a proficient solution. Puzl customer support agents are always ready to cover any requests, give a professional opinion or simply consult users with new fresh perspectives on how to improve their websites.

What is next?

With a truly intuitive interface and excellent technical support, Puzl is energetically growing, aiming to reach new professional summits and deliver even more sophisticated results.

Puzl is still in Beta version but in constant hunt for new revolutionary ideas, keeping the platform abreast of current web design trends. It’s no wonder that Puzl development effort has recently been focused on the V2 (new updated version scheduled to be released in early 2014) of the website builder, which will include many improvements and innovative functionalities.


Stay updated for all upcoming novelties around the tool! Join Puzl today to create a fully customizable business website and start working for your online success!

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