Creating a Productive Workspace

If you are a graphic designer, you will understand the importance of your working environment. Trying to work in a cramped, bland room will not only stunt your productivity, but it will probably drive you crazy in the process, too. Follow these top tips to create the most productive workspace possible:

Large desks

When you’re in the process of designing, you will need a space to spread out all of your ideas and inspiration to really get your creative juices flowing.

Many people opt for smaller desks in an attempt to save space, however, these can limit the way that you work. You can often find yourself juggling your laptop with sketchbooks and notepads due to the limited workspace you have.


You should always go for the largest desk possible as this will best accommodate your needs. Although they specialise in industrial workbenches, A&B Industrial Supplies also stock a range of large workspaces, so you should definitely check them out. Some of these have built-in storage, making them even more useful.

Having your printer at an inconvenient location will be frustrating, causing you annoyance every time you go to print something. A large desk will make your printer easily accessible as it can sit directly on the desktop.

Mood boards

When you’re in the early stages of a design, you can find yourself having a million ideas whirling around your head at any one point. Forgetting one of these key ideas could alter the outcome of your entire creation.

Hang a few noticeboards around the room, so you can easily jot down ideas as and when they come to you. Whiteboards are the best option, as you can write directly onto them with special dry wipe pens, eliminating the need for fumbling around for a pen and paper. Have a look at the range at Wilkinsons – they have a selection of whiteboards in all different sizes.

Make it comfortable

If you are uncomfortable, your mind will not be focused on the task in hand, distracting your attention. If you will be working from a laptop, it may be worth investing in an adjustable stand. You will be able to elevate your laptop to a height that suits you, preventing you from stooping over it, which could cause back ache and shoulder pains.

To further avoid these pains, you should make sure your chair is suitable. Ergonomically designed chairs are great for maintaining a good posture.

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