CSSmatic: CSS Tools Made by Developers for Developers

One of the things that I enjoyed when working on a web design is the CSS coding process, I just loved to type two to 5 words per line and hit the semicolon plus a total slam on the Enter key for a new line. Not to mention how I then sum up how many lines I have coded to obtain my desired design. The feeling of how production you are when you finally wrap up the styling is incomparable.

This process is somewhat we are used to where we use text editors and lately there have been a lot of automations that are available via web designing software and online services. There are also free online services where in it is a great help to cut down time in coding, just a click of a button, a little adjustment on the sliders, pick your color or even you can simple pick from the predefined gradients, frames, drop shadows and textures .

CSSmatic is a non-profit project, made by developers for developers. It is a new, simple and intuitive way of editing and tunning CSS properties. It’s a new tool to save ourselves some tedious and repetitive work. This project builds on the shoulders of giants, Freepik and Tumblr.it


Let us have a look on what they have for us to automate things up.

Gradient Generator


Use multiple colors and opacity stops to get amazing gradients. By using the gradient tool you can create gradients with smooth color changing effects and subtle transparencies.

Such images can be used as background images of banners, wallpapers, buttons or tables and in many other applications.

Border Radius


Super easy to use and a super time saver. Change all the borders selected at the same time.

Noise Texture


Create subtle background patterns with dirty pixels and noise, changing the color and values and previewing the results in real time.

Box Shadow


Blur radius changes, color changes, shadow size… Everything that you need to create great drop shadows in a single place.

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