Cute Ideas for Your Newborn’s First Photos

You’ll likely take a million photos of your newborn, but you want to get some professional photos taken to really preserve your baby’s cuteness for posterity. With Toronto newborn photography, you’ll get some amazing photos that you’ll be excited to show off to your family and friends. Plus, you’ll get to have some fun with choosing your baby’s outfits and setting up the shot.
Here are a few cute ideas to make those first photos unique yet adorable:

Fun Hats and Headbands


Your baby doesn’t have to wear an elaborate outfit for the photos. In fact, some of the cutest newborn photos are taken with no clothes at all. But you can still have some fun with accessories, like fuzzy hats and BabyWisp baby girl headbands. Often, the more elaborate the hat or headband, the cuter the photograph.

Cute Poses


The way you pose your baby can really make the photograph special. Right now, it’s really popular to pose the baby’s heads resting on his hands, the way an adult might when they are deep in thought or bored. However, you might try some fun and new poses that play with perspective. For example, the photographer can lay the baby on a backdrop with clouds, and if the photograph is taken from above while the baby’s arms and legs are stretched out, it can look like he is flying through the sky.

Animal Disguises


Anne Geddes made it popular for babies to be photographed as flowers and plants. But cute babies dressed as animals are really becoming the trend. Just choose a perfect hat with ears, or consider going the full route with the outfit. You can even photograph your baby with your pet. Babies and kittens or babies and puppies are adorable, and everyone melts when they seem them paired up.
Your newborn pictures will be special no matter what because they feature your baby. But these ideas can help you have some fun with the pictures and create something that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Your photos will also be the envy of family and friends.

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