Design Inspiration: 20+ Wall Sticker Designs

Are you planning to have a quick and easy make-over all over your place? Well, worry no more as wall stickers will be the best solution to your dilemma. Creating a superb interior design whether in your office or at home in an instant will no longer be impossible nowadays, because of these wall stickers. Aside from being cheap, its availability in any online sticker printing company makes it more available anytime.

Such wall stickers comes in various sizes, colors, shapes and styles that makes it more trendy than any other decorative element that you might think of. They will easily transform any space in your house for example from boring to a spanking new look. These stickers are not limited for wall decors alone but it can be used to decorate any space that you want to renovate at any given time. You can also customize the design that you want making you enjoy your new haven.

Wall stickers can be easily applied by anyone as it is so safe to use. Moreover, such stickers can be easily removed if you want to transfer it to another location having no hassles at all. They will make your interior decorations really unique and will surely give you a new glimpse of your entire place. Transforming a place to a better one is now very easy because of these wall stickers so enjoy some examples of it.


Harry sticker

Hole to Another Universe

World Sticker

Battle Star

Mars Cureg

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  • wee.. i love this post.. i want the light post and the world sticker ^_^

    • I am trying to get that hole in another universe πŸ™‚

  • These stickers are simply amazing. You can use them to decorate any part of your home and even use them to beautify your furniture. My son loves them and he has some crazy sporty ones in his room. I love the stickers you have shared. Could you please share more of them?

  • I love these Collection , thank you for sharing πŸ˜€