9 Useful Practices for Designing Amazing Mobile UX

UX means User Experience that involves person’s emotions, behavior and attitude about using a particular service, product or system. One always do a lot of hard work while developing any app and use their creative minds to stand out in crowd, but it’s unlikely to attain that success if we don’t immaculate UX design.

Thus UX plays an important role while deciding the future of any mobile application.  If users finds app difficult to use, then they will quickly move on to any other similar app options available in the market. Thus, if one wants their mobile application to stand out among the number of app in market, it is essential that mobile app is easy to operate with easy navigation and it should offer unique benefits to the users.

A good UX design translates a design into brilliant layout of all the elements of mobile app, which means every button should be at right place where it’s required. The UX Design includes number of things such as usability, user interface design, accessibility.

Experienced Designers are more concerned about the interactions that occur between the system and users who are using it. Thus what is UX designer needs to consider while creating good UX design for mobile apps. Therefore following are some practices which one should follow to design awesome mobile UX designs.

1 . Personalization of UX

Since majority of people are using Smartphone nowadays because of ease of internet and at the same time ease to use at any time. Thus developers feel the desperate need of migrating their sites into mobile apps too. However, before doing so they need to be sure of all the aspects to make it a success on variable screen size.

We all know if we are able to record the visits of users through the app it will open countless ways to improve the UX of the mobile apps. Big data is the technology which has already created lot of hype, as it gives higher management much needed insight of business in order to take certain decisions.

Thus, if customer is purchasing product every month on regular basis, then one can give them special deals on the purchase at the end of month. Thus this kind of information about your customer’s in app behavior and purchase history increases the chance of your revenue generation by number of times.

2. Be in line with Google and Apple Guidelines

As we know Android and iOS dominates the mobile phone operating system market, with more than 98 percent market share. Thus it’s important for any UX designer, to follow their guidelines given in Google Material Design for Android and Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines as long as they are ruling the mobile Operating System market.

3. Define your business strategy

Define your business strategy

For the success of any app, one needs to define clear business strategy that should be based on current market situation and target audience. You should know what your competitors are offering to the users which can help one learn what unique and extra features you need to offer to potential customers in order to turn them as your loyal customers. For any new startup, Lean Startup Methodology is best practice to follow since it suggests you various ways to get the users to use your app.

4. User interface for different size screens

User interface for different size screens

UX designers find it difficult to decide on the co-ordinates of UX elements for multiple screens, displaying on multiple devices with different screen resolutions. Thus it is necessary to figure out the appropriate sizes for different screen. Keep on changing the code until it’s flexible. Actions buttons, date pickers, text fields are some examples of UX elements.

5. Attractive typography

Attractive typography

Roboto and Helvetica Neueare default fonts of Android and iOS respectively. The problem is this – standard typography not always goes well with custom elements, thus it’s better to work on this at UX stage. One should start by setting typography style for title, header, subtitles, text, lists etc.

6. One UX for two platforms

One UX for two platforms

It is good to create one common UX first for two different platforms. It does not mean that designs will be similar in different platform; it will be reference only for second one. So, it is best to follow either Android or iOS guidelines to create common UX design, so you will be ending up with lot of time that can be used for other activities.

7. Analytics of UX
Analytics of UX

It is good to use App User Analytics to monitor the behavior of user in effective way, in comparison to traditional analytics tool which provides information on some aspects like engagement, number of new user, user geographic and retention breakdown.The new analytics tools provide deep insight of user experience and more qualitative data.

8. Stay up-to-date

Technology is changing day by day, it moves at faster pace than any other thing. UX Designers needs to stay sharp by constant research, exploring and reading. Thus UX Designers becomes an integral user oftheir field.

9. Design task not screen

It is always easy to conceptualize piece of software or an app in terms of number of screens, but to look deeper is necessary to the success of product. Task oriented designing is like asking the questions such as what will ease the user while he or she is working with the application.

Although there are number ofpractices which keep on evolving with time which further raises the bar of user satisfaction, thus it’s important to know whatyour next step is so you can attract number of users to use your app.

Author Bio: Jack Scollen is the co-founder of Websurfmedia as well as a web developer from past 8 years and a web fanatic from USA. He likes sharing his knowledge about latest advancements in the world of Web design and development. He spends a considerable amount of time in writing about CMS, Various Software, Programming languages and Technology.

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  • Emily

    Hey Jack,

    Great article! I think your list really hit the top best practices for designing an amazing mobile UX. A lot of people don’t realize how important every detail is including typography. I also liked your point about analytics. Most apps are focused on their quantitative analytics, but you’re right it’s important to focus on behavioral analytics.

    For me, I really think qualitative analytics is one of the most important things for PMs to focus on. I think qualitative analytics are crucial because it gives you actual visual data to see how the app is performing and how users are interacting with the app. There are a lot of great tools out there such as Appsee.

    Would love to hear your thoughts?