Knowing the different types of internet connection – Which can be the most appropriate for you?

The options of internet connection vary according to the service providers and by your geographical location. Customers, before choosing an internet service provider, should consider few factors like availability, bandwidth, cost and convenience. When you plan to determine which internet connection should be the perfect one for you and for your family, it is necessary to understand the difference between each connection. Presently, there are numerous ways of connecting desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, mobile phones and e-readers to the internet. If you think you don’t have enough knowledge on the various types of internet providing types available, read on to know about them.

DSL Broadband

  • DSL or Digital Subscriber Line is that kind of technology which delivers broadband over your telephone line which you use in your office or home
  • You can send large volumes of information over copper cable at fast speeds
  • DSL permits you to download web pages, graphics, text and video real time.

ADSL Broadband

  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a form of technology which works in a similar way to DSL technology
  • Here you can download information more rapidly than you can upload
  • ADSL is useful for businesses and homes and you can download files and web pages at a pretty fast speed.

Cable Broadband

  • There are number of ways in which internet providers can deliver broadband to your PC and this type of cable can be delivered through a cable
  • Cable companies even offer telephone and television packages and also broadband internet services
  • More than 48% of the businesses and homes in the UK and US have cable broadband options
  • If the providers have cabled your street, it is only then that you can get cable broadband
  • Providers of cable broadband also include NTL

Wireless broadband

  • Wireless broadband is yet another way in which you can deliver internet connection to your PC or mobile phone
  • You require installing an antenna in order to be connected to the internet. The fixed wireless internet also works similarly to the satellite internet system
  • For sharing information between buildings and homes where there is no access to cable broadband or ADSL, this is a suitable option

Satellite Broadband

  • There are indeed too many ways in which broadband can be delivered and satellite is yet another way
  • You need a dish antenna to get this type of connection
  • In one way, satellite services download data through satellite and upload data through telephone line
  • There are 2-way satellite services too where both uploading and downloading are done through satellite. This offers higher bandwidth with fast speed
  • Bad weather conditions may have a bad impact on satellite transmission

Before choosing the internet connection for your home or office, you have to always ensure that you know the feature of all kinds of internet connection before choosing one. The more informed decision you make, the more will be the satisfaction of investing your dollars.

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