Discover Cooliris

Its been a while that I am planning and searching something to make use as a portfolio showcase, there are a lot of ways and other approach to create a portfolio available from the net.

Anyway, what I want to convey with this post is to make use the Cooliris Embed Wall and discover more potential of Cooliris.

The Cooliris Embed Wall is an embeddable 3D wall that gives users the Cooliris media experience within a web page, without requiring the Cooliris plugin. The embeddable wall requires users to have Adobe Flash (version 9 or later) installed.

Embedding is not difficult as figuring the mystery of 911, or thinking how this planet handles life, its only requires you a 1, 2, 3 or 5 steps to do it.

Take a look at the sample that I made use on my Design Wall page.

I cannot provide you more details and info on how to do it, because I myself is in the process of understanding every single line of codes to use.

Learn more and explore the capabilitiy of the cooliris.

Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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  • Reesie

    pagpumupunta ako dito.. naiinggit tlaga ako sa mga designs mo.. ala akong ka talent-talent sa designing..

    Itratry ko to! 😀

    • thanks for the compliment… try doing some tutorials found on the web

  • TSI

    i second the motion ressie iba ambiance..dude ampunin mo na lang ako dito

    • 🙂 bakit naman kita aampunin dito ano

      • TSI

        tulungan kita mag post [alalay]

        • ahahaha, pag usapan natin yan

        • Reesie

          mars, ako din.. kahit tig linis lang ako… hahaha

  • azul

    i third the motion..ahehe

    mahina ako sa pagdedesign..ewan ko ba kung bakit..ahahay

    • sige fourth the motion na rin ako 🙂

      • TSI

        i fifth the motion sir hehe salamat ulit..

        • ahahaha! no problem

  • Kelvin Servigon

    ganda talaga ng mga design mo pre,

    ano gamit mong software? Photoshop din ba? ang cool tlga, lalo n ung first one..

    • thanks sir, photoshop, illustrator kung minsan

  • Ada

    Great 3D graphic!
    I can’t believe this is made from photoshop. very nice!

  • Nino Natividad

    Wow, ang galing mo naman, bro. Great job!

  • anakngpating

    hang galing naman po…:)
    nice nice..
    kuya next time sama kana sa EB ha hehe..

    • wish ko lang makasama na ako

  • jason

    yung isang gawa mo
    nakawall paper na sa desktop ko d2 sa Office.

    • yun naman, magpost pa ako ng mga wallpaper next time

  • Ax

    dahil cooliris siya, cool nga siya!

  • eliment

    wow astig ang design wall.

    interesting ang cooliris na to.

    • yan pre, pwedeng pwede gamitin mo