The Best Domain Name Generators are all Listed here!

Are you having trouble coming up with a domain name that best describes what your site represents? A name that’s unique and will stand the test of time? Don’t worry about it!

In this article, you’ll be introduced to domain name generators that come up with names so original and unique you might end up being at a loss settling on a choice.

The best part, most of these generators are free to use.

  1. Name Mesh: This generator has been declared and hyped as the choice for perfectionists. After entering your targeted words in the generator and clicking search, an offering of suggestions similar to your targeted words will emerge. The suggested options can be SEO-focused suggestions, common short domains, or just fun suggestions that you can pick from as your site’s perfect domain name. The smart domain name suggestions provided by this generator are developed from mixing synonyms, suffixes, prefixes, and so on with your keyword.

    Other useful features of Name Mesh include saving you time by highlighting unavailable domains by marking them red. It also provides a tool to filter out additional extensions such as .co, .net, .io and such to help narrow down your search.

  1. Wordoid: This easy to use generator provides interesting names that you can use to brand your company, product, and domain. It’s a smart, free name generator capable of creating attractive, unique name that’ll make you stand out from the competition. To accomplish this, Wordoid actually creates new words by using phonetics’ rules to ensure the name is easy to pronounce and not a detestable tongue twister. Wordoid words have no previous existence which means you have the honour of attaching a definition to the freshly made up word you select as your name.

    You can check through a list of languages provided by Wordoid to verify that your name doesn’t actually exist. Better than that, you can combine languages to give your name an exotic bilingual blend.

  1. Impossibility: After submitting a keyword on this generator, it’s combined with a selected list of verbs, adjectives and nouns. The result is then crosschecked with available .com domain names and the end results presented to you for selection.

    Impossibility uses multiple servers to optimize the speed of their search and offer you results ASAP. But they don’t just handle domain name generation, they also provide web hosting.

  1. Lean Domain Search: Finding an available, unique domain name that matches your desires is a breeze with this generator. Simply combine two or more words (one of the words should represent the theme of your business/website) and Lean Domain Search will use your combined words to present you a list of available options that best match your combination. It’ll also inform you if your selected name is available for use on Twitter.

    The entire procedure is easy and stress free, but the provided options concerning how to register your domain choice is the real winner – you are offered a free WordPress blog with your chosen name and a choice of free web hosts you can pick from.

    Lean Domain Search can also use prefixes or suffixes to create a unique option for you, but numbers, hyphens and other special characters are not allowed. There are also popularity, length or alphabetical order filters to ease your scrutinizing of search results. The filter can be further customized to show only the domain names that start or end with your selected search term.

  1. Panabee: If you thought all the other mentioned name generators sounded easy to use, then you should know Panabee takes the term user friendly to a whole other level. It’s so easy to use all you need do is type in one or two keywords and wait as Panabee automatically merges your keyword(s) with other characters, or proffers you a backword spelling of the keyword(s). It can also recreate names by removing the last vowel or the first letter, or by doubling the last letter.

    You can also select from Panabee’s massive list of accepted domain extension such as .net, .org, .co, .us, .in, and so on. All these applications are performed at a remarkable speed.

  1. Domains Bot: It provides available domain name suggestions, and also offers a list of domain names for sale. Its neat and effective interface generates domain names after you simply enter in your keywords and click the search button. If it so pleases you, you can use Domain Bot’s filtering tool to refine your list by allowing or disallowing the synonym versions of your entered keywords. You can also use the filter to restrict search to only Top Level Domain Extensions.

    As an added service, Domain Bots provides domain monitoring; an automated, low cost system of brand monitoring and domain protection on your chosen and registered domain name. Domain monitoring also provides email services, SSL, hosting and SEO services through your website, and this is assured to set your brand apart.

  1. Nameboy: After entering your choice of keywords (not more than two), this generator will instantly present you a list of suggested available domain names. It is a URL generator, company name generator and a website name generator. Nameboy also provides a chart that makes it easy to decipher which extensions have been taken in relation to your chosen name. You also get to see what domain names are up for resale.
  2. Shopify Business Name Generator: While this tool’s name might make it seem like it works only for creating business names, Shopify’s Business Name Generator does way more than that. To view its available domain name options, you simply need type in your keyword, and you are immediately provided hundreds of domain name suggestions.

    Though this generator might deliberately nudge you towards creating a Shopify shop with your chosen domain name, you still have the option of purchasing a web address from another source.

After you have chosen your domain name go over to a quality domain provider that caters for your desired domain name extension and grab it before it gets snapped up. You will need to go to a site that caters for the country extension that you want. Some extensions are not available in other countries. For example you’ll have to go to a site like or to get a .nz domain.

Getting the right domain name can make a massive difference to the success or otherwise of your business. Use these tools for ideas and inspiration. Don’t forget to think about SEO factors that affect your domain name too!

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