Easy Ways To Make Your Freelance Business Look More Professional

There’s never been a better time to become a freelancer. In fact, there are now more contracted workers than ever. That’s great news for businesses who can pick from thousands of remote workers. However, it’s not so great for freelancers who are finding their job squeezed.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult for a freelancer to stand out and look professional. There are thousands of freelancers out there, yes, but many fail to appear professional. If you want the biggest jobs and the highest paid contracts, you’ve got to look like a real company. Here’s how.


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Invest in a proper website and email address

It’s incredibly easy to set up a website with a custom domain name. By that, I mean www.my-business.com. This sends a clear message to potential clients: you are a professional freelancer. You can quickly set yourself up with a website using WordPress, and optimize it to appear on Google. You can then purchase a domain name (the address) from the likes of GoDaddy. At the same time, register a professional email address, i.e. my-name@my-business.com. This instantly looks more professional than a Gmail account.

Get a registered business address

Most freelancers work out of their spare room or basement. However, you don’t want your clients to know that. In fact, you can quite easily make it look like you run a professional company. If you’re a graphic designer, make it look like you run a design agency. Appearances are everything. All you need to do is set up a virtual office with a mail forwarding service. You’ll get a London city centre address that looks professional.

Use a real telephone number

Clients and prospects don’t always like the idea of contacting you via a mobile number. It seems unprofessional and ameteur. However, you don’t exactly want clients calling your home number either, so what’s the solution? Well, at the same time as registering your business address, you set up a forwarding phone number. You can even hire a virtual assistant. They’ll answer your call, and forward any clients onto your mobile number. It immediately looks professional.


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Dress smartly

Appearances go a long way in this business. Many freelancers (myself included) tend to have a casual approach to their dress code. After all, you’re working from home! However, if you’ve got a meeting with a client, dress up for the occasion. Look smart and respectable. Again, this gives the air of professionalism, like you’ve just come from the office.


Naturally, you can’t invite prospective clients into your basement office – that would be strange indeed. A coffee shop is also less than ideal for a confidential meeting. So, what are your options? Instead, you can hire a meeting room. Most office blocks offer this facility, and you can hire a conference room for an hour or two. Instant professionality!

That’s all for now, folks. What do you do to make your freelance business look more professional to your clients and customers?

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