Easy Ways to Rank High in Google

Just because your site has a nice layout, does not necessarily mean that it will be highly ranked by Google. There are several factors which you need to take into consideration when looking to increase the ranking of your blog or website such as quality of the content, SEO structuring and adverts amongst others. The introduction of Panda made it pretty difficult for web publishers who were used to black hat SEO tricks to gain high ranking.

Illustrated herein, are tips on how to increase your ranking in Google:

#1: Create a list of targeted keywords

The following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when looking for targeted keywords to use on your website:

– What products or services is your site offering?

– What kind of phrases are online users looking for your products or services likely to use?

As you ponder over these questions, you need to start making a list likely words which prospective customers will searching in search engines like Google and Bing. When choosing keywords, it is important to be specific. For example, if your business sells philosophy literatures online, one of the keywords you need to use is “Medieval Philosophy Literature.” Simply using the term philosophy alone will not endear you to a lot of prospective customers. Once you have created a list of likely keywords to use, you need to concentrate on the phrases that will generate for you high traffic. There are a number of keyword search tools that you can use for this purpose such as Keyword Discovery, Keyword Selector Tool as well as WordTracker.

#2: Build optimized pages for every keyword that you have selected

One of the mistakes that a number of web publishers keep making is trying to use so many keywords in a single page. The key to optimizing your page for Google search engine is selecting a single keyword and using it in a page. However, you can try and optimize the page further by making use of related LSI keywords. By choosing to focus on just one keyword you are increasing your likelihoods of being ranked in Google on that specific keyword. What’s more is that, by choosing to add related LSI words you are enhancing your chances of being ranked high also on those related words. If your objective is to be ranked on multiple keywords, it is recommended that you create separate pages for those selected keywords.

Since you have already created a list of keywords, your next objective is to create individual pages for those particular keywords. Ensure that every page offers info in regards to the keyword used. The following are tips on the use of keyword and LSI words:

– Include a keyword in the title.

– Include a keyword or LSI words in the H1, H2 and H3 headings.

– Include at least 4 keywords and LSI words in the pages and let them flow naturally.

#3: Get superior backlinks to your pages

The next step is getting high-quality backlinks to the pages you have created. The more links you have to your pages, the higher you will be ranked in Google.

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