Turn Your Ecommerce Web Page Design Experience Into A Success

Web designing has definitely touched new heights of creativity and productivity. The rise of online trading, and people’s increased inclination towards that due to increased ease and convenience involved in the process has led web designers to touch new levels of professionalism and creativity.

Designing an Ecommerce website is much more demanding and a bit different. An Ecommerce website can bid for success only if it tends to deliver high productivity, usability, and functionality to its users. Nobody can deny the significance of visual impact, but in case of Ecommerce websites, it comes second to productivity and convenience.

Described below are some do’s and don’ts of ecommerce web page design.

What to do

  • Simplicity and concision lead you all the way

While doing business, simplicity and conciseness is what gives you the perfect edge. Rather than getting a visitor bombarded with unnecessary information, keep the site structure simple and productive. Furnish it with relevant content and information rather than just occupying space.

  • Convenient navigation

If your visitor is confused where to go next and feel like desperate for assistance in every step forward, he would rather leave your page and find some other site for convenient navigation. This is not just unnecessary advice, but practical fact supported by relevant statistics. Make sure to keep navigation highly user friendly. To make sure that your visitor turns into a customer, research advises to place a “Buy Now” link, helping a visitor close the deal right there and then.

  • Working links link you to success

The biggest frustration for any ecommerce website visitors is to end up nowhere with broken or wrongly directed links. Make sure to check each and every link placed on your site, it should lead to the right place instead of unnecessary wandering.

  • Keep the language simple

The purpose of your ecommerce site remains unfulfilled unless it properly conveys the message to the audience. Therefore, make sure to use simple and clear language instead of tricky and confusing terms.

What not to do

  • Avoid creating a site whose download time is high

Though audio and video adds a bit of visual appeal to your site, but at the same time it contributes in slow download time of the site which is quite irritating for the visitors. Make sure you stay away from unnecessary use of audio and video content.

  • Don’t make interaction a challenge to your visitors

There is no point of doing online business if you cannot sustain a healthy relationship with the customers. Instead of treating visitors as one time affair, help them keep in touch by presenting your contact information clear and fair to them. It would encourage them to develop a proper working relationship with you.

  • Avoid unnecessary software installation

Keep things simple for your customers and don’t engage into practices like offering a software download and installation for viewing and interacting with your site. This makes people stay away from your site, thus depriving you from generating much needed revenues.

Following these seemingly simple tips can turn things into your favor. Try it and see the difference.


Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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    After a long wait and shrewd patience we should be rewarded with

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    they keep me motivated. So thanks for shaking it up.

  • Nice tips, but very short.

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  • interesting thanks nice article

  • Kirsty

    If you have decided to put up a ecommerce business whatever the services offer, you should establish a good relationship to customers even if they are only inquiring for your products and services. You won’t know they might buy of your product someday 🙂