Email Marketing Myths Need To be Averted with Research and Wise Action

Myths are associated with basically every action. Actually, they start with truth, but soon they get exaggerated. Online marketing strategy is crucial, but still marketers ask whether it is effective to send mass email. Below are some email marketing statistics of 2017.

  • Email users around the world are predicted to increase to roughly 2.9 billion by 2019.
  • In the US, email users’ growth in the closing stages of 2017 is projected to be 244.5 million and 254.7 million at the end of 2020.
  • 91% users check emails on their Smartphone, once a day out of 205 billion emails that are sent.

If you ignore the power of email marketing then you are losing your chances to escalate your ROI. Some of the myths are given below along with tips to avert them.

Myth 1

Recipients favor image intensive emails

According to a past survey, 2/3rd respondents had said that they preferred emails having heavy images. When the surveyors arranged their personal email data with zero to 10 images, it was discovered that increase in image number decreased the CTR (click through rate). This means all the recipients got distracted from too many images or the intense email was not compatible with their devices.

It does not mean that you need to banish images from email marketing, but perform an A/B test on emails with different number of graphics. It allows your mailing list recipients to respond well.

Make sure the images can be optimized on all kind of devices. Ensure to display key message on top, so it is instantly visible to the recipient, as soon as they open the email.

Myth 2

Campaigns sent to large list is very effective

Obviously, a growing email list is worthy because masses will get your marketing messages. It does not mean that you need to exploit the list by sending mass email blasts. Actually, you need to plan an email market list segments like personalize the recipient’s name or transactional emails.

Send emails triggered with specific action like visitors get to download an eBook or make a purchase. It is said that 75% revenue related to email marketing is got from triggered campaigns. Transactional emails are said to have 8X more clicks than mass mailing.

Myth 3

Email marketing is less effective than social media or search marketing

Search and social marketing are effective, but email marketing is said to be seen five to six times more than other digital channels. It is estimated that 4.24% buyers visit your website through email message in comparison to 0.59% from the social sites and 2.49% from search.

Myth 4

More emails sent upset your consumers

Email frequency has been the main aspect, which make people unsubscribe, but this does not mean you cannot send one email every week. Email campaigns need to be relevant then only the subscribers will be happy and ready to act.

Myth 5

Avoid spam keywords in subject line

Strict spam filters are put in place, so make sure to avoid spam keywords like DISCOUNT, SAVE, and FREE words in the email subject line. Avoiding these works will allow your email message reach the recipient’s inbox.

Thus, you can see myths can start with truth, but get exaggerated slowly. If you research a little on how to draft an effective message, subject line, frequency and time to send the emails then the end results will be good.

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