Human Resources will be so much more fun with these icons from Freepik

The brochures and flyers at the human resources department can get a little boring sometimes, don’t you think? Why not create some new and innovative job related material with this employment icon set from Freepik and Flaticon? Liven up the HR designs at your company and you will see more smiles from the staff.

This fully customizable icon set comes in both .png and .svg files. There are three different styles; outline, colored in outline and color without outline. Easily change the colors to match your brand and make these icons your own. This icon set is perfect for brochures, presentations, posters and infographics about employment and job placement.

From icons of working people to computers, cv’s, money making and job hunting illustrations, these vector designs are infinitely scalable. The icons can be made into backgrounds and compositions, or enlarged to decorate a mug or office space with fun and colorful stickers. Why not create bumpers stickers to give to the staff as gifts?

Find more employment related vector graphics and illustrations at Freepik and Flaticon to make your HR department more fun and innovative. Put smiles on your employees’ faces with timely designs and interesting visuals.

Mars Cureg

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