How to Enhance Your Ecommerce Site Conversion Rate

Online shopping has become increasingly popular with people all over the world. As a result, many companies and small businesses have built ecommerce sites to cater for online shoppers. The success of any online store is determined by its conversion rate. For example, if only 2 out of 100 web visitors make a purchase, the conversion rate is 2%.

Here are some tips which will help you boost the conversion rate of your ecommerce store:

1. Run a webinar

Webinars are powerful marketing tools used by businesses all over the world. A webinar is a very cost effective way of reaching people from every corner of the globe. It allows you to engage your audience on a personal level, present yourself as an authority in your field and drive traffic to your ecommerce site. Building relationships enhances the credibility of your business and generates new leads. Webinars also give you the opportunity of addressing objections instantly, thus ensuring a quicker sales process for your ecommerce store.

2. Improve your product images

When it comes to online shopping, images are very critical. Since the buyer cannot touch or feel what they want to buy, they would want to see it clearly. Therefore, improving your product images can boost your conversion rates significantly. Be sure to use high quality and large images that are surrounded with plenty of white space. Have multiple images showing your product from different angles. It would also be advisable to have a zoom feature that allows users to get a closer view.

3. Write better product descriptions

Great product images are not complete without well-written product descriptions. The information provided in the description will make it easy for visitors to make a buying decision. Your product description should clearly explain the features of the product, whom it is meant for, why it is beneficial and how it stands out from the competition. Format your content properly to ensure that the text is easily scannable. However, don’t make the mistake of copying the description provided in the manufacturer’s website. This will make you appear unprofessional and have a negative effect on your site’s SEO.

4. Use product videos

Product videos are very effective for showcasing the features of your product, as well as giving demonstrations of how they work. However, creating videos does not have to be an expensive affair. All you need is a smartphone and good lighting. You could also consider asking customers to shoot and submit videos of themselves using one of your products. When used as testimonials, such user-generated content can boost your conversions greatly.

5. Improve your call to action (CTA) button

When it comes to ecommerce sites, CTA buttons such as ‘checkout’, ‘register’ and ‘add to cart’ play a very major role in conversion. The quality and placement of your buttons can either boost or kill your sales. Therefore, you need to ensure that your call-to-action buttons are large, brightly colored and displayed clearly above the fold. Your customers should see the CTA button immediately they land on your site. Don’t make the mistake of using text links as your call to action since they can easily be missed.

6. Display trustmarks

Many online shoppers seek to establish the credibility of an online store first before buying anything. One of the ways of boosting trust with your visitors is by displaying logos from recognized organizations on your site. This includes bodies such as Better Business Bureau (BBB), TRUSTe, GeoTrust and VeriSign. You could also consider adding logos showing the payment methods and credit cards acceptable.

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