Essential Skill Set Prerequisite for a Successful Web Designer

With the advent of internet as a platform for marketing and sales, most companies are trying to project a strong presence on the virtual world. This is not possible without an impressive ad efficient website design.

With the increasing demand of web designers many aspirants are opting it as a bright career option. But there are certain skill sets without which one cannot develop an impactful web design. Some of the skills include technical knowhow like how to convert psd to xhtml, graphic designing and several others. Here is a list of skills that are essential for a web designer.

Imagination and creativity

A web designer is like an artist who can create master-pieces like skilled painters with only difference that designers have to take care of more things than painters. Being a website designer you have to take care of both functionality and aesthetic appeal of a design. With a large number of web designers in market there is always a pressure to innovate and provide your clients with something special they won’t find anywhere else. Imagination is the first step to innovation, and to be a good web designer you have to amaze your client with every masterpiece that you create.

Technical know-how

A web designer has to design the whole website taking care of its navigation, functionality and seamless performance. With advent of SEO in online marketing there is an additional responsibility of designing an SEO friendly web design. For all this the designer has to be well versed in designing codes and other aspects of web designing. He should know how to convert psd to xhtml and similar other conversions as per the demand of the client. In general practice, a client sends the layout of the desired web design to the designer in psd form. The designer has to then, convert it into xhtml. Only a person who has good knowledge of conversion and coding can do that. Moreover he should have in depth knowledge of coding and programming languages like php, .Net and Java.

He must also know the use of photo shop, adobe and css.

Good Communicator

A web designer’s work involves continuous contact with the clients to know their demands. This requires him to be good communicator. So that he can convey what he wants to, to the client and implement what the client wants from him. Most clients want to work with designers who can work according to their demands with least scope of post deigning modifications. A number of imperfections due to miscommunication at every step can render the client irritated and he finally may nullify the contract.

Web designing is a blend of artistry and technical excellence. A slight change in the proportion of these two would not make an ideal web designer. Web designing is an interesting field where you can experiment with colors, designs and features to create a website which is complete in all aspects.

Website designing requires creativity, skill and innovation. It is not just a trend set to follow. A designer need to know about the ways to convert psd to html and other similar skill, in this write up Sophia Kinsella is talking about the essential requisite for a web designer.


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  • Freelance Web Designer Cardiff

    Nice article, i think it depends if your part of a team, i’ve worked some amazing devs who lack creativity and imagination but boy could they code!

    If your working on your own you need all this skills and more, being a good salesman is one of the most important in my own opinion.