Facebook to the Top: 20 Best Layouts

Facebook is essential to of our lives and actually inventing new techniques to involve your audience for your Facebook page is a great way to achieve success easier and quicker. It’s only perfectly reasonable: Facebook is the place where the majority of the Internet’s crowd spend the major part of their time.

However, it is very important to remember, that just having a Facebook page for your company is not nearly enough. It’s essential that your Facebook page looks just right: mirroring the essence of your company and promising your potential audience the experience they want.

A good Facebook page has to be simple, but contain a lot of information. It has to look beautiful, but restrained. In the world of constant information flow, especially on Facebook, it’s necessary to make your message clear and simple. It is hard to do it right. That’s why there are so few Facebook pages that are successful.

Today, you can join their ranks.

Actually creating a Facebook page from scratch could be a difficult task. There’s a powerful desire to overcomplicate things and stuff as much information as possible — or make it so simple, that it would be virtually useless. For that, a solution is available. That’s why today we have compiled a list of 20 best Facebook layouts for your usage. Very handsome, very useful — choose one and you will be a step closer to success.

You may ask, why use a ready-made Facebook template? What’s so different? Where’s the catch? Well, let us give you a brief introduction:

Templates: Made by Professionals

People who knew what they were doing spend a big chunk of their time on those templates. Every detail was considered and considered again in order to achieve just the right result.

Templates: Convenient to YOU

With a ready-made template there’s no such thing as delay: buy it and it’s instantly yours, ready to do its job on your Facebook page. In addition, templates are cheap — they cost around a hundred bucks, making for a great improvement in comparison to overpriced custom designs.

Templates: Tailored to Your Needs

Each layout from today’s list have its specific theme around which it was designed. Choose one that is most preferable to you and enjoy benefits that come with working in your element.

Templates: A Great Service

It is recommended to buy a template from a template provider with a great service. For today’s list, we have chosen TemplateMonster.com — great price plus a very good support makes for a perfect choice.

Ready to see what we have for you today? Let’s dive into the list of Top 20 Facebook page themes right now.

1. Facebook: For Hotels Template

Luxurious outlook of this theme is actually a very welcoming sight for people who want perfect service. Your Facebook never looked better — and the dreams of your clients were never so close to fulfillment.

Details | Demo

2. Facebook: For Business Theme

Notice how the break in the middle of this theme instantly makes it visually more appealing. It’s all about balance in design and when your design is balanced, it is bound to be loved.

Details | Demo

3. Facebook: For Food Delivery Layout

There’s nothing better than having your food delivered to you. Many companies are working in food delivery and if you want to stand out, you will need something different. This theme, with its clean red and white design will be a good fit for you.

Details | Demo

4. Facebook: For Pet Clinic Design

People will appreciate how instantly understandable the design of your Facebook page is. When things come to pet’s health, there’s no time to play around.

Details | Demo

5. Facebook: For Business People Template

Notice that the look of this template was achieved with just the minimal amount of details. Different shades of grey, a few photos, nice font — and your Facebook page looks astonishingly stylish.

Details | Demo

6. Facebook: For Design Team Theme

A perfect day means perfect everything — including the Facebook page of a designer studio. Actually, that’s important not only in weddings: people seek ideals and when they find them, they tend to stick to them.

Details | Demo

7. Facebook: For Education Layout

This theme appears visually rich, when in fact there are only a few important details here. That effect is the result of a clever usage of colors — combining a few contrasting colors makes for a visual explosion.

Details | Demo

8. Facebook: For Uni Design

It’s a very informative Facebook template that contains a lot of useful information. A great choice for a university page: from news to favorite quotes, it all could be there.

Details | Demo

9. Facebook: For Science Template

Here, the used colors imply some deeper meaning behind the design of this template. In darkness, light is born — isn’t that the motto of science itself?

Details | Demo

10. Facebook: For Agriculture Theme

The palette of this Facebook page template looks really welcoming and warm. It’s inviting and very appealing. People will like it.

Details | Demo

11. Facebook: For Exteriors Layout

Divided into a few different sub-levels, this design is a good example of how to communicate your ideas with ease. People are bound to be impressed by your confidence.

Details | Demo

12. Facebook: For Enterprise Design

This dark theme illustrates an idea that serious business is successful business. A very memorable Facebook theme that shows that you know what you’re doing.

Details | Demo

13. Facebook: For Paradises Template

Blue palette here makes us remember clean sky and deep sea — isn’t it a nice impression for a theme about hotels? Use it, and people will come. They like such ideas.

Details | Demo

14. Facebook: For Insurance Company Theme

Here we can see how simplicity could really help your Facebook page not only contain all the necessary information in a comprehensive way, but also look good. And the combination of orange, black and white is always a good one.

Details | Demo

15. Facebook: For Studying Layout

There’s not much going on in this theme at first glance, but actually it is really well-designed. Only the essentials are left — just like Michelangelo envisioned.

Details | Demo

16. Facebook: For Happy Smiles Design

The white background in this theme is the promise of a white smile your dentistry provides their clients with. And the blue color is sea — and the feeling of cleanliness that comes with it.

Details | Demo

17. Facebook: For Business Growth Template

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive themes on today’s list, this layout uses a few nice approaches to win over your clients. For example, the main chapters of the site are divided into four buttons, all on top of the main page.

Details | Demo

18. Facebook: For Archery Masters Theme

Robin Hood was living in a forest and as he was shooting his arrows, he was breathing clean air, too. As with any sport, health is important and for that your environment is important, too. Green colors, a few nice pictures — and suddenly everybody will want to take up a bow and go somewhere green and serene.

Details | Demo

19. Facebook: For Extreme Wakeboarding Layout

This is a really cool theme. Notice how brave it is with colors: it uses a few combinations at once, all working together.

Details | Demo

20. Facebook: For Architecture Design

How do you think people would believe you with their houses, when you can’t even build a beautiful Facebook page? Fear not, with this theme your clients will see how great you are at building things that are structured, appealing and easy-to-use.

Details | Demo

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