Five non-WordPress apps to aid your blog

WordPress has grown over time to become one of the best blogging platforms available today. This is largely due to its accessibility, and the ease with which even somebody with relatively little experience can create an attractive blog. Not only that, but it’s multi-platform, with versions available for tablets and smartphones, meaning that you can post your thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.

You may not realise, however, that WordPress can be used in conjunction with many other apps which are designed to supplement and improve the appearance and success of your blog. Because we have only just begun to tap into the potential of mobile technology, many in the blogging world are currently asking themselves, ‘What is a tablet PC, with regard to blogging? How can we best utilise this new tablet technology to make our blogs better?’ So, for any mobile WordPress users out there (and there are quite a few), here are five apps which will help you make the most of your blog.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop is the go-to image editing software for professionals, and now Adobe has released a mobile version of the program specifically for smartphones. The commands have been completely redesigned to meet the needs of touchscreen users, and there’s still a surprising range of functions on offer here, including colour editing, filters, borders, and more. Thanks to its accessibility, this mobile version of Photoshop can quickly and easily create beautiful images for you to add to your blog posts.

Analytics Pro

If you’re the kind of person who obsessively checks their emails several times every day, you’ll enjoy using Analytics Pro to keep track of your blog’s traffic. Providing a comprehensive analysis of who is visiting your site and when, Analytics Pro features a sleek, well-designed UI and various sub-categories of analysis, like Traffic Sources and Goals. It’s the best way to keep track of how your blog is performing overall.


If you ever get stuck for inspiration, Flipboard is a good place to start looking for stuff to write about. Simply tell Flipboard what you’re into, and the app will display news stories and features it thinks will interest you. It’s all presented in an attractive format (hence the name ‘Flipboard’) and is bound to turn up something inspiring.



Netnewswire was one of the first RSS readers, and it’s been refined over the years to become one of the best news aggregators available. The app version allows users to collect all the RSS feeds they are subscribed to in one place, giving a news stream that is unique to you and your interests. It’s an indispensable tool for anyone running a current affairs or news blog. It’s still worth a download even if your blog covers something quirky or niche, as the personalised news feed will keep you up to date with any new developments in your field of interest.

Kyte Mobile Producer

If you deal with a lot of video content or images on your blog, you should definitely consider downloading Kyte Mobile Producer. It’s essentially a platform for creating multimedia content, which you can then link to your WordPress blog. It has a range of features for communicating with your followers, such as the ability to create polls and host live chat sessions. It works well with a variety of media content, including photos, music and video, making it one of the most impressive tools for adding content to your blog posts.

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