flok: The Loyalty App for Small Businesses

Are you looking for a customer loyalty app for your medium-sized or small business? Retaining customers in this very competitive global market has been a challenge for small and medium-scale business owners. Promoting your business while pursuing an ROI-positive deal is no longer a problem since flok will be the best option for all your business demands.

flok is a rewards-based app that helps SMBs improve customer loyalty and customer experience. Through features such as customizable digital punch cards, automated personal messages, and proximity marketing, flok helps business owners form relationships with customers that they may have otherwise never seen walk through their doors again. Business owners can send personalized messages (push notifications) to customers on their birthdays, if they haven’t been around in a while, or when they want to remind them that a reward is waiting for them.

With a membership club, business owners can easily communicate with customers directly to their phone, provide them with an extra reward, or upgrade their membership status. For business owners, the setup is easy; after downloading the app, users create their profiles (best managed in the dashboard via desktop), customize the look, fill in their business information, and connect their social media profiles. Simply by being active on flok, businesses are more likely to be discovered by otherwise unaware audiences.

flok has excellent key amazing features which makes it very convenient to use and they are as follows:

Loyalty Punch Card

Rewarding your loyal customers will be made easy through the digital punch card. Let’s say for a coffee shop business, once it’s customers download the app, they will instantly become members who will join the club. The more they visit your coffee shop, the more punches they receive, bringing them closer to earning their rewards. Physical loyalty cards are no longer a thing because flok’s loyalty card app will get customers punches right on their phone.With this app, business owners will find it easy to run and create their digital punch card. Following the example aforementioned, they will just need to identify the number of punches they require from their loyal customers then the reward which will match those punches. So for instance, the owner may have indicated for every 3rd hot or cold drink ordered the reward will be a free serving of any beverage of his/her choice. Then for every 6th hot or cold drink ordered the reward will also be any dessert pancake of his/her choice and so on.Since the flok app is very easy to use, business owners will be able to control the perks each customer will receive and how often they will be able to receive it. Customizing such business rewards is eventually all up to the owner as it differs from one business to the other. It’s a simple and straightforward feature which the customers will surely love as they easily download this punch card app and join the club. So if that will be the case, this will entice a great leap of having more customers who will not just try to visit your shop or store for once but will more likely visit it on a regular basis to earn more rewards.

Business owners nowadays are so grateful for the innovative technology that helps them retain their customers in just a click. With the help of the flok punch card app, the number of members will be easily tracked together with the complete report as to how many customers have redeemed it. This will make the business owners easily compute their return of investment and at the same time this app will show the range of loyal customers quickly.

Through this app, customers will no longer worry about those usual cards that they need to bring anytime they go out to get a stamp while enjoying their orders. On the other hand, business owners will more likely benefit from this app as they don’t need to worry if their loyal customers are really earning and redeeming their rewards in a fairly manner. Thanks to the digital stamp tracking offered by the punch card app.

Push Notifications

Currently, most of the smartphone users are used to receiving notification messages from various social media apps and many other apps that they download. That’s why flok included this feature with their app in order to personally connect with their loyal customers. Since it will be very costly for the small and medium-scale business owners to advertise promotions that they want to inform the public through newspapers and TV ads, through this app endorsing your business will just be a click away.Business owners will be able to send messages to all customers who have downloaded and joined the club through the flok app and such messages will instantly show on their mobile devices. Whether the customer is using their device or not, they will always receive messages through their phones’ notifications. That’s why sending timely messages like welcoming them will be easy with this automatic push notifications service. Such messages could be personalized also which should be appropriate to the right group of members, such as those who have just joined.

So since the messages can be customized, business owners may decide which messages will be sent like greeting the member during his/her special day or offer a different type of reward to those who haven’t visited for a while. Receiving such personalized messages may entice other customers to continue a long-term and gratifying relationship which will in turn boost your return of investments.

Proximity Marketing

One of the best features of this app gets in touch with customers on your behalf. Business owners’ convenience has always been taken into consideration when flok has designed this app. Customers within the neighborhood will be notified automatically for any promotions of any new product or service or a special event. Let’s take for example the coffee shop business, a new hot or cold beverage will be launched in a few weeks’ time or “Independence Day Promo –  for every single purchase get an extra 3 punches!”.  Through this app you may share this information in a timely and hands-free manner.

Beacon Marketing

Another innovative design made by flok for premium accounts is to welcome them with a personal message as they enter your business. This small and wireless gadget will be issued to business owners by flok once they launch their premium business account. This device will have to be positioned near the front side of the store to start its engagement.This device immediately checks in the customers once they arrive while reminding them that they are a part of a club. Through the app, promotional messages can be modified any time depending on what is needed to be advertised within a period of time.

Final thoughts

flok offers both technical support and customer service which are accessible through email support and phones as well as supplementary online sources. The application is very easy to utilize, it has affordable and flexible prices including magnificent features. It has successfully passed the loyalty test; there are no add-ons and additional integrations. flok operator accounts are securely protected by a password and username login procedure.

Overall, this app will surely increase your customers and it will also put your business ahead of the competition. With the use of flok, establishing a very cost-effective marketing strategy will not be a challenging endeavor to all small and medium-sized businesses owners anymore.

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