Flyer and Leaflet Printing – Useful Tips That Will Get Yours Noticed

Have an event, product or service you want to promote? Then creating and distributing flyers or leaflets could be the right strategy for you – especially if you’re situated in the heart of a busy city or shopping centre with plenty of footfall.

But before you go away and spend good money on printing, it is always essential to ensure that your marketing material is the absolute best it can be. If you’re a start-up business, or just new to the area, there’s a very good chance that this flyer will be the first contact a potential customer has with you.

Here are a few tips for flyer design which will help you fetch a return on your investment:


Market research

Okay, so you don’t want to make a flyer that is exactly the same as someone else’s – but before you get down to designing your material, it’s always useful to get a grasp of what other people are doing. Take a walk along your local high street and check out what other people are handing out. What works about their promo material? What do you like? What don’t you like?

Print on the largest size format you can afford

People are more likely to notice and keep hold of are the larger leaflets. Also, if you’re placing your promo material in a shop rather than handing it out, the bigger leaflet will stand out amongst the rest.

Use colours which stand out

A generic piece of paper with neutral colours might look professional, but it won’t catch anyone’s eye. Counter to this, you don’t to use harsh colours which are tough to look at, so try and strike a balance. Choose a background scheme that will grab the attention of your target audience, but which is still gentle enough to tolerate text being read off it.

Print in substantial, easy to read fonts

Although elaborate, stylistic fonts might seem attractive on the computer screen, they don’t always work in print. Nothing beats an accessible, sturdy font which will stand the test of being re-printed and colour photocopied.

Keep it relatively simple

Remember that if your flyer is too crammed full of information then your audience won’t know where to look. Direct attention to your product name or event, and some essential details, but keep it sensible. Where appropriate, let your audience know that they call in store or visit your website for further details.

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