12 Folded Business Cards Design

Leaving a good impression and staying connected to any potential client is a challenge to every person who wants to promote themselves and their businesses. Despite how savvy people are with so many social networks nowadays, superb businessmen can’t still get rid of using business cards.  Such cards have been designed for years as the usual paper with the title, address, telephone number and even logo of a company. But sometimes the main purpose of these cards are being neglected which is to advertise and produce a strong impression about yourself and your company.

This time let’s get rid of the old-fashioned way in designing the most remarkable business cards in town. Please make way of the unusual yet sophisticated design of the latest business card which is the folded business card. They are made in such a way that will surely clasp other people’s attention due to the unique materials used, customized shapes and not to mention its exquisite designs. So if you really want to earn thousands of dollars then better be creative, stylish and most importantly start thinking on having such type of business cards which are the elegant folded ones. Samples of which are the following:

Mars Cureg

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  • wilbert santos

    i included some of this on my collection. High Quality Business Cards and templates ~ Pix Gateway:

  • Jaime

    Very cool.

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