Four Futuristic Gaming Devices

As the popularity and accessibility of online gaming increases, designers and developers are launching a new generation of compatible devices to enhance players’ gaming experience. Just before the start of the New Year, we take a peek at four of the most futuristic gaming controllers on the market.








Fresh from the creative minds of E3design, is a brain-controlled piece of kit that uses transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) to increase the flexibility of your brain’s synapses. The space-age headset makes your neurons perform faster, plus it collaborates with the wearer’s prefrontal cortex to give them a competitive edge in gaming.

The headset can be manually controlled via a touch sensor or the iOS app (via Bluetooth).

It is currently only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), but the Android version is in development as we speak. Visit for more information.


3D Controller: Razer Hydra


As the latest in a long line of superior gaming devices from Razer, the Hydra is said to be part of the first generation of PC motion-sensing controllers. The device uses magnetic motion sensing to locate the user’s hands, which is ideal if you’re wielding a sword, shielding against an attack or even throwing a grenade – the 3D controller responds to your level of force, as well as direction. Find out more information at


Glove: P5 Gaming Glove

Developed in collaboration with Inition, the P5 glove was designed to capture the imagination of gamers not looking to spend a lot on their device. This low-cost, tracked glove was created to aid intuitive play and is ergonomic in design and light in weight!

By slotting their four fingers and thumb in the glove, the wearer benefits from 6DOF position/orientation tracking, which is ideal for 3D interaction. When in stock, it is available to purchase on Amazon.


Flight Controller: Saitek X52


Set your sights on being the best virtual pilot out there? Then get aboard the X52 Pro. The joystick and throttle bundle is awash with interactivity; from an LCD display showing the Radio Stack directly from your game, to a dual-spring mechanism that is more responsive and resistant to the user’s force.

Packing such awesome specs as non-contact technology to improve control and durability, four fire buttons, six programmable flight commands, three spring-loaded toggle switches and a 3D rudder twist, the controller is in a league of its own. Find the full specs on the site.


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