Free 35 Vector Christmas Cards Design

During this season we find ourselves busy preparing gifts, decorations and thoughtful greeting cards.  Sometimes, we want those cards to be done in a perfect way but in a quick manner

I, too find myself in search of a faster way in preparing Christmas cards, faster in a sense that design idea are already present and the only thing left to polish and change are the text content, little tweak of colors and shape.

So, we have collected vector card designs for you not to wander anymore in the Internet just to have yourselves free design elements such as below collection.

These vector card designs are designed by

Christmas Card Red Background and Christmas Ball

Merry Christmas hanging by a thread with snowfalkes background

Snowflake hanging by a thread

Bright Merry Christmas Snowflake Postcard

Red Ribbon with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 text

Christmas Greeting Card with a dedication

Christmas Big Red Ribbons Set

Happy New Year Card with Winter Symbols

Christmas Decoratives Hanging from a Rope

Christmas Gift Cards with Red Ribbons

Heart done with christmas objects decoratives hanging from a rope

Christmas Icons Tree Vector Card illustration

Christmas Card Funny Dancing Santa Character Design

Happy Holidays Greeting Card of Colorful Christmas Tree

Christmas White Elegant Presents Vector Illustration

Happy Holidays Greeting Card of Christmas Tree with Christmas Objects inside

Vintage Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Vintage merry christmas banner

Merry Christmas Postcard

Retro christmas party flyer with a snowflakes background

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Red Ribbon doing a Christmas Tree

Retro Badge Happy Winter Holidays

Postcard Merry Christmas with decorative

Christmas Tree Illustration with Yellow Ribbon

Happy New Year Greeting Card of a Christmas Tree done with Triangles of Various Colours

Christmas Gift on a Merry Christmas Postcard

Merry Christmas Greeting Card of digital Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Greeting Card of Christmas Sock

Banner Merry Christmas with green ribbon on the bottom

Postcard Let it Snow

Christmas Doodle Card with Tree and Gifts

Candy Canes with a bow

Banner Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Greeting Card of Holly ornament


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