Free 37 Shoes Icons in Vector Format

We all have stories about the shoes in our lives, aren’t we? You’re exploring the world in a comfy (hopefully) pair right now, aren’t you? So there’s no wonder this colourful collection of shoe icons exists, am I right?

Shoes are an essential part of everyone’s day to day life, and these 37 icons will make it easier for those in need for some virtual handy alternative. Women’s, men’s, casual, business, flats, heels, boots, sandals, buckle, canvas, you name it. All these styles come in bright colours, so you really want to wear them… I mean click on them, which makes them ideal for ecommerce websites with offers you can’t refuse.  

The vector icons in this set come in various formats and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. Have a look, try them on. Enjoy!



Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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