An Overview of Free Data Recovery Software

Small, medium and large-scale firms store massive information amounts on their computers which range from patient or client information, payroll data, contact lists, email communication, various data concerning individual jobs and projects, to spreadsheets. Losing this data and files is extremely disastrous for any company and ending up incurring a lot of money asking their employees to work at all time to recover the lost data. Retrieving this information is imperative for the daily functionality of the business.

What is data recovery software?

Data recovery software affords companies and individuals capabilities to restore permanently deleted files regardless of the causes. A significant percentage of the recovery programs usually recover lost data as a result of failed hard drives, a power surge, file corruption, formatting loss, virus attack, system failure, or unexpected computer shut down.

How does the software work?

When a user deletes a file, the file does not leave the computer system, but rather the info that shows the file location is removed and the hard drive receives a command to override the file. The data recovery program works by reinstating the information bit which indicates the location of the archive.

Restoring lost files as a result of corruption is, however, a hit or miss. The recovery software works towards recovering a big percentage of the data. However, you will have to note that some bits of this data can get lost or overwritten making it inaccessible or corrupt.

How do you use this software?

Running and installing the data recovery software does not require you to be an IT guru. Most of the providers of the free data recovery software will be available to provide support around the clock. You need to understand that there are several precautions you need to put into consideration before downloading and installing the data recovery software.

  • When you are making the installation on your computer, make sure that you run it from the CD-ROM, or you use an external hard drive.
  • When you are downloading directly from the Internet, save the application on a different drive from the one you would like to recover.

You need to understand that a deleted file is not completely lost unless it is overwritten with new data. The data recovery software is also inclusive. Once you have finished installing this software, you can use the instructions on the screen for locating and restoring the deleted files.


It is important to have a data recovery software free program for your computer because it is estimated that almost thirteen percent of hard drives fail annually. When you stretch this data over a few decades, you will find that nearly every person who owns a computer will experience at least a single failure in their life. However, you need to understand that a data recovery program does not help in preventing the computer hard drives from crashing. It will only contribute to track the location and restore lost files after the crash. It is advisable to buy an online backup storage as an alternative in the event your computer fails or crashes.

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