10 Free Resources That Can Transform Your Designing Projects

Resources are the backbone of your work. Every designer must have a kitty full of resources that they should keep adding to.

You might find repeated need for some, while some you may only use once, but still it saves you a lot of time looking for tools at the eleventh hour if you already have them pre-stocked.

We rounded up 10 amazing freebies that every designer must have, let us know which one is your favorite.

  1. 10 Unique Material Design Patterns

    You’ve probably seen them as backdrops for a lot of e-cards and images, material design patterns are a great way to add something extra without a lot of work. From perfectly complementing web pages that speak of a fun element, to be put on invites and print work, these design patterns would surely come handy.

    Take your pick from 10 different color combinations and tiled patterns and use them often and do away with the boring solid colored backgrounds.

  2. Vintage Vector Badges

    Vintage has a dreamlike feel to it, it has the aura of something already passed but it also has the appeal to be unique. Whether it is vintage wine or a vintage car, vintage instantly ups the charm of whatever it is applied to – in this case it is an essential website element.

    Badges are a must-have on every website. If the website is an e-commerce, badges help to testify authenticity or brand, and to announce a sale or a discount. If yours isn’t an e-commerce websites, badges can still be used in relevant context.

    These royalty free badges spelling vintage – literally in some cases – would be a great addition to your design toolbox.

  3. 49 Psychedelic Flowers Vector Pack

    They say you never go wrong with a flower, we say don’t just never go wrong but go above getting it right with psychedelic flowers that makes for a great inclusion in almost everything. Sprinkle it across!

    These trippy flowers can be worked into posts, invites, cards, designs, and so much more. They are so awesome to look at, you would want to use them in all your projects, but oh well, go a little easy when working on websites that warrant a more formal approach.

    The pack contains 49 colorful flower vectors that would literally make you dizzy, is it us or are these flowers actually spinning?deal-fuel03

  4. App Menu Design

    If you’re an Android app developer looking to stock up on smart resources that do the work with aplomb without a lot of input from you, then here’s one freebie you’d love.

    App menu designs are tedious but they are one of the most important aspects of the app. It could be a daunting task but this App menu design freebie contains menu elements like the calendar, add to cart, images, add to contact, and so much more.

    The design elements are available in .PSD format.

  5. Break – A Modern Free Font

    What you write on a webpage matters, and how you write matters too. Just that not a lot of people pay attention to it and opt for boring font options. You are not them, you are the smart savvy designer whose works stand out.

    Which is why we know you’d absolutely download this font that spells urbane cool and has a high-end touch to it. It would be perfect for a website dealing in apparel or fashion-centric content. It would also make a good choice for bespoke watches or actually anything luxury.deal-fuel05

  6. Bernier – A Set of Vintage Typefaces for FREE

    We’ve already established our love for all-things vintage. Adding to that list is Bernier, a typeface in ethereal vintage style. Working on a website that has a vintage feel to it or simply want to create something different? This typeface would look amazing coupled with vintage badges.

    You can include these on logotypes, use them for headings and even typography. Note that the typeface comes only in uppercase, so avoid writing an entire page with this, but there are a myriad of others ways to work it.

    Also, Bernier comes in three different styles – regular, shade and distress.

  7. 10 Login Screen UI Designs for Android Lollipop

    What is the first page you visit after downloading an app? It’s the logging page generally, while most people don’t pay attention to it, these are actually very important.

    You know what they say about first impressions? For a brand today, it’s important that customers both relate to and remember them in order to keep coming back. Which is why the login page is so important, it is the first impression you make on your users. So make the most of it.

    “Yeah, but I don’t have the time to work on this!” We hear you, we didn’t either so we hunted down a set of 10 different login screen UI designs that would only take a few steps to reinvent your existing login screen and make a huge difference.


  8. Responsive Mega Menu in CSS3 for Free

    Everyone and their mothers have reiterated the importance of content on a website, fair enough content is king but what about arrangement of said content? So many times, good content gets lost in layers and layers of menu options.

    This would have especially been tricky if you were promoting tons of options like an e-commerce does. If you have a lot of products to offer or tons of sub-headings to show, use the Mega Menu option. And this mega menu is also responsive, which means it would fluidly fit to adapt to any device – from tablets to mobile phones.

  9. An Amazingly Stylish Free PSD template

    Need a head-start on a design project, especially one that belongs to a specific niche? This freebie would save you a lot of time if you have to work on a website for a school or a university. And there’s no need to worry about the choice of CMS too as it can be effortlessly converted.

    The pre-done template is befitting for any website centered on online training, for established education institutes looking to make a web presence or redo their websites, for training institutes and even for long distance education institutes.

    Exhibiting a university-like feel to it, the theme does indeed zero in on all the requirements of such a website.deal-fuel09

  10. Creativity Enhancing Design Resources for FREE

    Have you ever been loaded with work, running deadlines, but there you are sitting in front of your laptop with your mind on a vacation? It happens to the best of us, creativity block can be a real mean bully. But here’s how to get over it, just like words and scenarios can help writers jump out of a writer’s block, these resources would prompt your creative juices to flow and you’d soon be creating masterpieces like you do.

    But if you are one of those who already run high on creativity (we envy you), you can still use these as they are for a lot of your projects. The diverse elements have a fun-yet-useful touch to it and would find a place in web pages, images, invites, cards and more.deal-fuel10

Hope you enjoyed this list and downloaded the freebies, which one did you like best?

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