50+ Free Sticker PSD Templates

While stickers are becoming a popular tool for advertising and for decorating any given space, a lot of companies are venturing now on having such businesses like this. Stickers have been known to come in exquisite designs, but actually they have been very affordable and available all the time in the market which can be availed through online sticker printing. So most of the companies offering these services are not just giving its customers the best solution ever in designing their walls in various part of their homes or just to put some labels on their products but also to give them some gorgeous-designed stickers that will last and stay amazing for years.

Moreover, these companies has to come up with so many unique designs as possible that’s why, I am showcasing right now some free Sticker PSD Templates that they may utilize in order to cater the unending demand in the market. Such templates are editable for the designers to personalize it in accordance to the desired layout of their clients. The text that they need to include may be projected in a way that will align to their desired typography. Color blending will be very possible as to their preferences. So sticker printing has never been so easy by utilizing these PSD templates from now on.

Modern Sticker PSD Template

36 Sticker Templates – Ultimate PSD Pack New

5 Free PSD Stickers

4 Curled PSD Stickers

9 Editable Sticker Icons

16 Free PSD Stickers

8 Free Sticker Photoshop Styles


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  • These sticker templates and styles are really beautiful. Great that they are available in PSD… will be great for my next design needs!

  • reeha@inkjet

    Very nice list. these sticker templates are very special and beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  • Great 🙂
    …man you save my time.Thanks….!!!