Freebies: Abobe CS5 Master Collection Icons

Adobe products since the release of their Creative Suite has shown us a clean and corporate icon design of the bundled software.

This is a freebies related to Adobe CS5, this is my extraction of each products icon from thumbnail view of their executable file. Icon size is 128px by 128px file type is PNG.

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Mars Cureg

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  • Richie

    wow…. cool icons… i will use them for my screenshots.. thanks a lot 🙂

  • really inspiring adobe cs5 icons collection.

  • RalphGL

    if this inspires you – i know i´m old now.

  • photowizard

    Great, saves me the trouble of doing it myself… rocketdock seem to have troubles launching 64 bit versions and using icons for thoose programs…

  • dumazz

    Very nice icons to my sizeable collection. Thank you very much. I ask for more fasts of this type.

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