Fresh and Creative Poster Design as of 01/11

I remember when I was still in my grade school where in adobe products are not yet into this world. Then there was this computer subject that we are required to design a poster using ASCII characters to come up with a shape.  And with the use of the noisy dot matrix printer, our poster of pixelated design comes to life.

Unlike today, there are already a bunch of tools and software where in you can come up with fresh and creative poster, and you don’t have to worry about your printing even if you don’t have a good and quality printer at home. You can now have your design  to reality with the help of  online printing companies.

Before you position yourself into your swivel chair and focus on designing a poster, why not take a look first with the below design inspiration which are totally fresh as of 01/11. And after that, I encourage you to come up with best poster design and have it to real life wall decoration with the help of  poster printing services.

Mars Cureg

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  • Aaron Moody

    Hey, nice round up. At college I have to create some posters, and research into more modern poster designers, so this will come in helpful to me.

  • theyre fantastic love them all, especially the retro ones =)

  • WBS

    Great examples, its winice how the old retro styles get mix with Destruct-Grunge style.

    Congrats nice Post!

    • thanks mate, glad you like my post

  • Simon H.

    Thanks for the feature guys!

    • its an honor mate to enlist you

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