Fundamentals Of A Fantastic Website Rookie Designers Always Forget

When you’re designing a new website, there are certain aspects that you can’t forget. If you do, you’ll be trying to build on a weak foundation. As any architect will tell you, you can’t fix a foundation by simply building over. You’ll have to start again, and you don’t want that. To avoid ending up back at square one, make sure that your website ticks off these boxes.

Easy To Use

It’s crucial that your website is easy to use on both sides, for you and then customers. This means that you should find it simple to update, change and adapt. Meanwhile, customers should have no problem finding the information they need or getting to a certain section of the site. The last thing you want is to lose sales simply because customers can’t find the business store.

Be aware that there are various issues that can make a website difficult to operate. For instance, it’s possible that the website operates at a slow processing speed. If that’s the case, you might find customers click off long before they are anywhere close to a sale. This is one of the reasons why it’s important you host your business site. If you don’t speed and power will be drastically limited.

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Think about what your site needs to be and what it has to offer users. Remember, you don’t need to make things too complicated as this is just going to confuse the issue. When you build your site think about what software you want to include. You can then work with a company that offers scalable web applications to ensure that it fits into the design. The word to remember here is clean. Your site shouldn’t be a mess of different applications that your customers won’t be interested in using and clog up the design. Minimalism is completely underrated these days.

Packs A Punch

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Thinking about the design, you need to make sure your site immediately creates a fantastic first impression. There are lots of different ways to do this such as creating a landing page. Exactly as it sounds a landing page is a way to control what the first thing is that visitors see. Rather than immediately going to the home page, they get an introduction to your site. With the right style and design, this can be very effective. Alternatively, you can think about making areas of your site interactive responding to clicks. Anything that makes your site stand out and look a little unique is worth considering.

It’s All Connected

Finally, when you’re building your site, make sure it’s connected to different areas of your business. You can do this quite simply using widgets, but you may want the links to other areas of your profile to be more integrated than this. Remember, widgets stand out as add-ons and can make your site look like it’s been pieced together with no thought or consideration for design.

If you look into these factors as you build your site, you should be left with a fantastic design you can build on.

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