GeniuX Photo EFX Photoshop Plugin – Review

Geniux Photo EFX is a Photoshop plugin that allows to make professional depth of field, vintage effects, black and white, artistic filters.

In Photoshop plugin mode, GeniuX Photo EFX load the image based on the color profile in Photoshop. The Plugin is “.8bf” format.

Actually, all the plugin part does is sending and retrieving the images. The whole processing is done within the main application.Geniux Photo EFX works well with Adobe Photoshop CS, CC2, CS3, CS4 32bit, CS5 32 bit under Windows XP, Vista and 7 platform.

The main features are:

– Full 32 bit color graphic engine
The 32 bit colors graphic engine ensures precise and delicate gradients in each situation even if you load a 24 bit color image (the standard digital camera JPG). The graphic engine adds data increasing up to 32-bit colors to ensure the highest standard image elaboration.

XAI Brain Artificial Intelligence Blend Stroke
It can get excellent results with a few broad brushstroke thanks to the artificial intelligence XAI Brain® that does not replace the colors, just as in other applications, but blends them, always considering changes based on image content
Professional black/white, vintage effects
Create Interesting Vintage Effects by applying brush strokes

Artistic Filters
You can brush Filters and Effects where you want. You can use different art techniques in the same photo to create a unique piece of Art. Combine up to 90 different media in the same image. The mathematical and parametric filters cleverly analyze the image, creating different effects each time.

– Geniux Photo EFX includes:
Pro depth of field, Pro noise remover, Pro soft focus, pro black and white engine, pro vintage effects, digital makeup and over 90 artistic filters with over 300 custom settings.

– Inside the main software you have:
calendar maker, thumb maker, camera explorer, watermak Pro tool and giant poster maker.

– Web resources:

Demo download:

Some comparison test at:

Free video lessons:

– GeniuX Photo EFX price for Adobe users: 59.00 USD


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