Giveaway: One Year Free WPMU DEV Membership (Winner Announcement)

We are excited today to bring you another exciting and very useful giveaway.  One year free membership is waiting to be awarded to one of our lucky readers.  A membership worth of  $219, where in you can have a full access to more than 30 WordPress themes and premium plugins.


Exciting isn’t it? Continue reading to find out how you can win.


About the sponsor

WPMU DEV is an all-in-one WordPress solution for the advanced WordPress user. Plugins, themes, and expert advice, available to you 24-7. DEV specializes in high quality plugins, leading in the industry in downloads in that category. They also supplement it with helpful tutorials, theme packs, and more. Members get all of this in one package, getting the rewards of top-notch WordPress community.


Check out this example theme from WPMU DEV …


FrameMarket is a high quality WordPress E-commerce theme that gives you full customization options for every bell and whistle on your e-commerce store. This way, your store has the look and feel of a beautiful website, and not a templated solution.



FrameMarket gives you the flexibility to create a world-class store, at an affordable price. Some of the features of FrameMarket include, but aren’t limited to: easy customization options, several modifyable widget areas, color variations for optimal branding, easy Analytics integration (to improve conversion!), and heavily customizable header, background and nav menus – all the makings of a beautiful store.


And this powerful plugin…


MARKETPRESS is WPMU DEV’s industry leading WordPress ecommerce solution, making it the most powerful shopping cart option on the market. Beautifully coded from scratch, Marketpress has a simple but gorgeous setup, making it an amazing online shop to run a highly profitable online buisness.
Marketpress features multiple payment gateways, flexibility with any WordPress theme, coupon options, Google Analytics integration for CRO optimization, product variations, and more.

Contest rules

  1. Sign up a free account HERE (important)
  2. Comment on this post with your username.

This giveaway will run for two weeks, winner will be selected using a service from The winner username will automatically listed to have a full access once the contest is over. You can follow WPMU DEV in Google+  to know the latest update of this giveaway. To get the important tips about WordPress you can follow their blog at

And the lucky winner is.


Congratulations to Vidit Kothari.

Mars Cureg

Web designer by profession, photography hobbyist, T-shirt lover, design blog founder, gamer. Socially and physically awkward, lack of social skills, struggles to communicate with anyone who doesn't have a keyboard. Willing to walk to get to the promised land. Photo and video freelancer, SEO. Check out more on my Google+

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19 Responses

  1. username: viditkothari
    Am eager to win this.

  2. Dony Sukardi says:

    username: donysukardi

  3. Ambrocita says:

    username: ambrocita

    Would love to win a WPMU Dev membership, and leverage their wonderful WordPress themes and plugins, etc).

  4. Aisha says:

    Username: Aisha
    This would come in real handy for my small biz website.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the premium membership.

  5. Prayag Verma says:

    Username : prayagverma

    These plugins and themes will come handy in optimizing and beautifying my blog

  6. tates11 says:

    username: tates11

    1year… that’d really be awesome!

  7. Francois says:

    Username : mesopinions

    Looking nice, would help to use all that for my websites !

  8. nivijah says:

    username: nivijah
    Thanks 🙂

  9. Hafis says:

    username: hafis_ismail

    Thank you.

  10. Noor Mustafa says:

    if you still interested in this Giveaway, you can comment on this post and can get a an other chance to win.

  11. What is the drawing date for this? My username is " Redhead".

  12. My username at wpmudev is hemantofkanpur. I hope I win 🙂

  13. Salman Farish says:

    Awesome giveaway man……
    Let me in for the giveaway……

    My username: coolfarish

    best wishes for all the participants……

  14. Lizbeth says:

    My username is Lizbeth. Would dearly love to win this giveaway. WPMU Dev is simply the best WP resource and expertise available.

  15. Granny says:

    Username “granny”. Very generous giveaway — thank you orphicpixel & WPMU Dev.

  16. Mindspins says:

    Brilliant giveaway! Fantastic sponsor! Hope I (mindspins) will be the winner!

  17. Rob says:

    username: chainsaw
    Totally cool beans — Great giveaway!!!

  18. Brian Cobb says:

    wpmu account: | thank you!