Benefits of a Great Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has developed to become one of the most popular social media strategy used in marketing. Most of the top businesses all over the globe have discovered different ways the use of social media can contribute to the growth and success of a company. Most recently, Hubspot estimated that 92% of the marketers had their business exposed due to the use of social media. 80% of the marketers revealed that the use of social media increased traffic. With such statistics, the advantages of using social media in marketing can never be under estimated.

Social media strategy

In case you are not sure on whether to use social media marketing or not, here are the benefits associated with its use:

Improved Customer Service

The use of social media allows most of the customers to post their comments, concerns or questions. You might have a very dedicated customer care service always reachable through phone and emails. However, it is always advisable to try handling issues using the consumers’ most preferable method. They consumers are always interested to be sure that they will always be helped whenever they have any problem. By using some of the most popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, customers can always communicate with the customer care directly. Social media allows you to answer your clients in public which enables other interested customers to see your customer service quality. Forbes estimates that around 71% of the customers will always receive quick feedback on social media.

Increase in Audience Insights

Knowing your customers is the key to success of any business. The use of social media makes this process much easier. The various social networks will enable you to see your potential clients and know what they are talking about concerning your business. It is always advisable for businesses to use this information to help them get what they are interested in.

The Contents are evenly and easily distributed

You should always consider the use of social media in case you are planning on a content marketing distribution plan. Marketers are known to have previously faced challenges of reaching out to their audience in the shortest time possible using their contents. Businesses can today reach out to millions of their potential customers with just a click of a button with the help of the social media.

Improved SEO Ranking

Social media management involves managing of the SEO. The requirements of SEO are always changing to enable businesses get better ranks on the search engines. Updating your site regularly and optimization is no longer enough for your blog. The presence of social media has increased in popularity when it comes to calculation of rankings.

Saves Money

Anyone would be interested in cutting back on some marketing costs. The social of social media is known to be cost effective and a great way of getting your brand to your likely customers and fans. With Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you are able to share and promote your contents without any cost.

Increase in Traffic

By sharing your contents of the social media, you are increasing the chances of users clicking onto your website. Addition of social media to your market plan will definitely create more paths leading customers back to your site.

Various studies have shown that the use of social media has 100% lead compared to outbound marketing. The social media also tends to improve credibility and trust of your products.

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  • Thank you for posting such a wonderful and informative blog. I am personally also thinks that if you do the social media marketing in the right direction and right way it will surely gives you benefits which you have mentioned. Specially, your point “The Contents are evenly and easily distributed” is fact. we can easily share our openions to our customers easily through social media marketing. Great blog. Thanks for sharing with us.