Having Problems Using WordPress? Here’s What You Should Do

WordPress is one of the most used website builders among newbies and pros alike. If you want to use WordPress but are having difficulty getting started, featured in this post are things you should do to make the transition smoother.

1. Simplify Dashboard

When you first open your WordPress dashboard, you may feel like there’s too much going on. This is crucial especially if you are building websites for clients who have zero knowledge with WordPress management. The various sections and links they will see on the dashboard will simply overwhelm them.

You can simplify your dashboard according to your preferences without limiting its usability by installing Client Dash. This plugin has powerful features that can do all the work for you in customizing your WordPress dashboard. It lets you control dashboard widgets, create admin pages, add tabs, and rearrange menus suited to your liking.

2. Download Jetpack

Everything you want from a plugin is here, no BS. Jetpack gives you tons of features you can load your site up with. And according to them, their core features like site stats and analytics will always remain free but you can avail their premium services too.

After installation, Jetpack certain modules are already activated by default. They offer over 100 free themes, brute force attack protection, daily backups, frequent updates, and priority support. But you can always select which ones you’ll be needing for a certain period. If you need a simple plugin yet packed with features, Jetpack is a great choice.

Below are some of the best features that makes Jetpack the plugin you’ll ever need to boost your site’s performance:

  • Related posts – To increase engagement and keep visitors from leaving your site, show posts related to the one they just read using this JetPack feature.
  • Photon – One of the culprits of high bounce rate are slow-loading sites. This is especially true if you rely on visual content like images to communicate your message to your audience. The Photon feature on Jetpack allows you to host your images in a WordPress CDN and keep the strain of loading content from your web host lighter.
  • Contact Forms – Setting up a contact form on your site allows your audience to reach out to you for questions, suggestions, or just to keep in touch. Instead of installing another plugin for this, you can use the existing one from Jetpack.

3. Get Beaver Builder

Designing pages has never been this easy using its drag and drop builder. You don’t have to worry about learning how to code to create the perfect landing pages. It’s highly customizable and even has an option for your pages to be responsive according to your visitors’ screen.

You can choose from the Beaver Builder included themes for your preferred layout, or you can just create you own from a blank canvas just by dragging and dropping columns, rows, and other modules. In just a few minutes, you’ll have your personalized website you created with a breeze using their easy-to-use interface.

4. Get WordPress hosting

Although there are a lot of web hosting providers available, getting one that’s specifically tailored for WordPress sites will give you more benefits. Managed WordPress hosts will cost a few bucks more than shared hosting. However, they offer highly-tuned services that you will find more useful. Here are some advantages of getting managed WordPress hosts instead of shared hosting.

  • Automatic updates and less downtime
  • Constant backups
  • Faster loading time
  • Better security and maintenance of the server are managed for you
  • Exceptional customer support from a team of WordPress experts

Managed WordPress hosting takes care of all the technical aspects of WordPress which leaves you to just focus on creating great content. It’s perfect for people who are beginners or have no time to tinker with technical stuff.

Given these to-do things, it doesn’t matter whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a startup company, or a blogger you can still use WordPress with no sweat. Building your website doesn’t have to be rocket science when you can easily make it less complicated.

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