Choose An Effective Hosting Plan For Your Website

Web hosting sites and services are available in abundance but one thing most webmasters fail to realize is which hosting plan they should opt into. Whether they should choose a shared hosting plan or go with a VPS hosting package, whether they should choose a dedicated IP address or use Linode, these are some of the common questions frequently asked by newbie webmasters.

Every website is different and it has its core requirements and goals. The Traffic, the speed, the conversion options and the backend framework – everything is interrelated and must work together to give a sustained output. If your hosting plan is not aligned with your website’s requirements, you are either wasting a lot of money or not using your invested money to its fullest potential.

That’s when Hostucan’s relevancy checking tool comes in handy. This is a sweet web based utility which allows you to find the best web hosting package for your business, commercial, blog or any other website e.g WordPress Hosting.

Each web hosting package is designed to meet certain goals/ requirements and Hostucan’s relevancy checking tool provides all the information and feedback of the hosting package you are interested in. If your current hosting plan is found unsuitable, an alternative plan will be suggested so you can exactly find the appropriate plan which would ideally meet the requirements and objectives of your website.

To get started, head over to, search for a webhost by name and click the “relevancy checking” button, as shown below:

Hostucan will automatically display all the available web hosting packages offered by the web hosting company, all you have to do is select your preferred plan and hit the “Check” button placed on to its right.

Hostucan will then ask a few basic questions e.g the application framework used to manage your content management system and the daily page views your site receives. Select the answers and hit “Continue”

Hostucan will scan all the user reviews and feedback and their system will show a relevancy report as shown below:

The relevancy report will depend upon your credentials and the web hosting package you choose. As you can see, my example report shows that the plan I have chosen is “Not recommended”, although the uptime report is 100%.

If your results are “Excellent” or “Good”, you should stick to your current web hosting plan. However, you should definitely stay away from the “Not Recommended” option, a good idea would be to explore a better hosting plan using Hostucan’s web hosting search tool.

If you are too skeptical, try reading customer reviews in the Hosting review section and find a webhost which others are recommending. For example, the BlueHost review page has quite a good number of good feedbacks, so before you jump into a random hosting provider, do some research and find a reputed web hosting provider.

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