How Companies Manage IT Systems

These days, every business has to have a strong IT system in place that can cope with the demands that the business faces. The system that’s being used will affect many things, from accounting to the business’s financial security. For that reason, getting the overall system just right is a testing but essential task to complete for business owners.

If you are wondering how a company begins to assemble and hold together their computer system, here are the key components.

Office Hardware

The physical technology that constitutes the bread and butter of your IT system is the hardware. This includes the computers themselves, any accessories that go with them, printers and scanners. Those are the most basic forms of IT hardware that most business will use. Of course, specialised businesses might also use other forms of hardware that are outside the mainstream. For example, graphic designers and CAD workers might use graphics tablets. The newer the hardware is, the better it will be able to perform and the more efficient it will be. Efficiency has improved massively in recent times. So, businesses using older equipment will be much less efficient overall.

Operating System

The operating system that a company chooses to use in its office is a huge decision. There are two main options that most offices opt for. Either Windows or Apple’s OS X. If you’re looking for security and simplicity, and nothing complicated, Windows is the best option. It’s easy to use, and most people are already pretty familiar with it, which can be a big advantage for employees. But if you want to do creative work on your computers, and you are particularly focused on design work, then Apple offers you the best OS. In short, which operating system a company chooses to use will depend entirely on what kind of work they do.


Securing the right software for a workplace is a process that is continually changing and shifting. Because new software is developed and released all the time, business owners must always review their choices. There might be a cheaper or more efficient option out there that business owners miss if they’re not comparing their options. It’s also very important to make use of any updates that are released by software developers. When an update or patch is released, there is always a good reason for it. It usually means that a fault has been dealt with, or a poor aspect of the software has been improved. They sometimes relate to security as well. So, if your software is not kept up to date, it might present a security risk.

Remote Technology

Increasingly, businesses are coming to understand how and remote technology working can be beneficial. As the world becomes more connected than ever before, the chance to loosen working hours and locations is increasing. Many people who were traditionally office workers can now do their work from their home. And busy business people can now do work on the go while they travel between meetings and locations. This is a big deal, and it will continue to have a big impact on the way businesses are run in the future. It also makes things like sharing documents easier than ever before. This means that printing costs can be reduced, and people can upload things into a cloud network that can be accessed by authorised people.


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Maintenance is one of those boring issues that is easy to forget about when you imagine how a system operates. But it’s important that businesses don’t forget about it because it can cause major problems if they do. Nowadays, IT support and maintenance tasks tend to be outsourced companies that offer the right expertise. This is because many of the tasks don’t need to be carried out very often, and it usually isn’t necessary for small business to have in-house support. If every small business hired a team of dedicated maintenance personnel, they’d be wasting a lot of money. But this can be something that is useful and even necessary for larger companies with expansive systems to take care of each day. Every business has to weigh up their needs and abilities when it comes to making this decision.


Computer security has never been a bigger issue for businesses than it is right now. Cybercrime is on the rise, and that doesn’t seem likely to stop anytime soon. This is happening because technology is so widely available and it offers criminals an entirely new way to steal things. The main thing that criminals target during cyber attacks is financial information. And this is often customer information. This presents a huge risk for many businesses. If a business gets hacked and lose people’s financial information, this will badly affect the lives of customers. And those customers will be unlikely to ever use the services of that company ever again. That’s why securing the system is vitally important for every business that uses an IT system.


Backup is a key component of any IT computer system. If the data and files are not being backed up, then you will have serious problems later on. When something goes wrong, you won’t be able to get access to that data. It’s something that you should think about very carefully. You don’t want to make the mistake of losing all the data and information that is essential to the functionality of your business. There are many different ways in which you can back this data up nowadays, so you can explore all the options out there. Many businesses simply backup to external hard drives located in the office. But other business owners prefer to locate the backup storage offsite or in the cloud.


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IT systems in big companies tend to be large, sprawling and difficult to get a grasp on. But the factors mentioned above are the key parts of any business’s core computer system. When all these factors combine and are used properly, they can produce the results businesses are looking for.

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