How Designers Take Inspiration From Lego

Lego, the much-loved children’s building blocks, have been around ever since the 1940s and their simple yet functional aesthetic has inspired many designers. The Lego block has remained unchanged for decades and is a simple yet beautiful thing, automatically recognisable to almost anyone.

Many designers have taken inspiration from the humble Lego block and used it in everything from furniture design to jewellery. Lego block designs can be made from a wide range of materials and can use the exact shape and size of the Lego block or create different variations on it.

Here are a few examples of designers who have been inspired by Lego blocks and have incorporated this aesthetic into their designs.

The Lego Watch

Fashion designed JC de Casterbajac has created a funky and modern rainbow-coloured watch made to resemble a band of Lego bricks. JC de Casterbajac is the self-appointed “King of Cartoon” and he was inspired by his childhood love of Lego to create this pop-art style watch. This charismatic French designer works mostly in the realm of clothes and shoes although he also has created works of art and home furnishings.

The chunky plastic strap is made to look like it is made from Lego bricks and there are invisible buttons which are touch-sensitive for adjusting the time and date. The large LED display can be set to scroll the date, time and a special message.


Lego High Heels

Who ever thought that Lego could be high fashion? In designer Finn Stone’s new collection there is a gorgeous pair of special edition Lego Stilettos which turn this childhood toy into a chic statement. The shoes are encrusted with Lego bricks for a fun and playful look.

If you don’t want to pay the £1350 price tag for these designer shoes, all you need is a pair of plain high heels, a box of Lego and a glue gun to create the same look for a fraction of the price!

Lego Cake Mould

You can bring your love of Lego into the kitchen with a Lego cake mould, so that you can make desserts which are shaped like your favourite toy. This is great for a Lego themed birthday party or a special treat.

These Lego cake moulds are produced by the Lego shop itself and can be ordered online or likely found in the gift shop at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

Human Sized Lego Furniture

Lego blocks are so easily locked together that it is no surprise that they have been used in furniture design. Lunatic Construction has come out with a line of “Lunablocks” which are large Lego-inspired adult sized lockable building blocks which can be used to create a range of different pieces of  furniture.

You can create a Lego-block coffee table with a stylish glass top or a stackable nightstand which can be adjusted to different heights. These versatile furniture building blocks are perfect for a child’s room or could also be used in a fun and playful way in a creative office space. The blocks are available in a range of different materials including glass and shiny metal.

Ceramic Dishes

Designers Marco A. Koch, Vinicus Zarpelon and Alexandre A. Oliveira came up with a clever and elegant set of ceramic dishes for cooking and serving, which were all inspired by classic Lego toys. The set includes a cup, a bowl and an open-sided bowl. The bowl with the open side can be placed on top of the other bowl to resemble the classic “Legoman” head. The bowls and cup have the Lego block “pegs” in the bottom so that they slot into the carrying tray.

These are just a few of the ways that Lego has inspired a huge range of designers in different disciplines. What other ways can you think of for incorporating the aesthetic of this toy into a new design?

James Mariott is a LEGO fans and blogs on technology, travelling and LEGO accessories.


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