How do you best optimize your theme website? What is the best hosting option?

Your website needs more than a great look and tons of pictures or video. There is no advantage to having a great website that no one ever sees. As online visibility goes, Google and the other major search engines control about 90 percent. If you are not on the top of the pile here, then you may as well not have a website on the Internet at all.

You need to optimize your theme website so that it looks great to your visitors and shows up in the major search engines. Your web hosting choice will make a difference in this process. Here is everything that you need to know about optimization and web hosting as relates to the relationship your website has with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex.



The first thing that you should do is optimize everything on your website individually. This means that the text, the pictures, the video and even the advertisements on your website should be optimized in relation to each other. Each page on your website should have a directive. That directive should include specific keywords that are relevant to the overall purpose of your website. Each individual item on your webpage should be optimized to these keywords.

You can optimize the text on your website in many ways. The most obvious is to include anchor text with keywords in it. That anchor text should point to relevant links that coincide with the theme of your website. The major search engines will be able to tell if the links that you point to a relevant or not. Make it a point to link out to webpages with a higher Google PageRank than you.

The meta tags inside of audiovisual item can also be optimized. Make sure that each item has its own customized tags. You do not want to repeat a keyword verbatim too many times on the webpage; the major search engines will view this as spam. Use the free Google keyword tool to find synonyms that are still relevant to the term that you are optimizing around.

As for the keyword itself, you stand a better chance of optimizing your page to the top of search results if your keyword is actually a phrase. Most of the best individual keywords have already been saturated by companies with a much larger budget than you. Do not try to compete with these companies. Localize your keywords so that you show up for a targeted audience that will come to your website looking to make a purchase.

Website Organization

The organization of your website also has a lot to do with its optimization. You need to make your website as easy for the major search engines to index as possible. As many experience online marketing experts will tell you, the easier that your website indexes within Google, the higher your search engine ranking will be.

Basically, you organize your website by creating a sales funnel. Make sure that you have a navigation bar that runs through each of your webpages. The links inside of that navigation bar should point to each of your deep webpages. The major search engines will view this like a table of contents.

On each page, make sure that all of the information is relevant. Each page should be optimized to a slightly different yet still related keyword or keyword phrase. If you do this correctly, you may actually be able to rank many of your deep webpages in the major search engines. This ubiquity leads to an increased trust between your business and the major search engines as well as increased trust between your website and its visitors. Your search ranking will shoot up when you get all of your ducks in a row here.

Your Best Hosting Option

The organization of your website includes the web hosting option that you choose. Although you cannot vouch for the performance of your web host, the major search engines will not be able to tell the difference. Your visitors will also judge you by the performance that your chosen web host gives them. Your brand is the only brand that they see; they cannot attack the web host if it does not serve its purpose.

For this reason, you should ensure that your web host has a guaranteed uptime. The going market rate for uptime is at least 99 percent. Ideally, the real uptime for your website should be 100 percent. There are simply too many security measures that a web host can take to ensure that a website is always up. Before you commit yourself to any web hosting solution, be sure they have mirrors and redundant servers that can provide more security for your website.

If your website is down a great deal of the time, the major search engines will take it out on your search ranking. You will also lose the confidence of your visitors. Your bounce rate will start to go up, and your click through rate will start to go down. These statistics are also very important to the major search engines outside of the crawling that they automatically do. If visitors move away from your website, you will lose the trust of the major search engines.

Green VPS Web Hosting

Solutions such as Green VPS web hosting offer a guaranteed uptime that you cannot afford to look over. You should also ask about the resource allocation that your web host has on hand. If your website begins to grow unexpectedly, you should have a web host that can handle this. If you do not, then you risk losing out on the customers that you would otherwise gain from a good marketing program.

Make sure that you have your website optimization under control before you start your marketing program in earnest. Remember that part of your website optimization is the web hosting solution that you choose. Consider all of these factors closely so that you can have the best marketing campaign possible.

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