How to Create a Website from Scratch

1. Choose Your Platform

In the not-so-recent history, a person needed to be some kind of a genius to create a website. With the platforms available today, this is no longer true. Of course most people don’t realize how easy it has become, so they will still think that you are a genius. I won’t tell them the truth if you won’t.

The platform is exactly what you would expect; it is the base on which your website is build. Below I have listed 4 popular platforms, also referred to as web editors. Some are free, and some come with a price. I have not tried all of these platforms, but people who have done a lot of website design tell me that they feel WordPress is best for the beginner. I have given you links to different websites so you can decide for yourself.

Now that you have chosen your platform, you can move on to create a website.


2. Choose and Register Your Domain Name

Choosing your name If you already have a domain name, but don’t have a platform, don’t panic. IT DOESN’T MATTER. You can do steps 1 and 2 in any order. Some people get their domain name and just hold on to it for years before they decide that it is time to put a website out there.

Choosing a domain name is not the time to get cute or complicated. Remember the KISS method? Keep It Simple, Stupid. I didn’t mean to call you Stupid, but not everyone is named Stan or Susie. Here’s just a few rules about domain names:

  • Keep your domain name the same as your URL. Example: big and
  • .com, .gov, .org….For a business it best to stick with .com if possible.
  • Keep it short? Maybe, but if short means, you would be better off with Vfp is not recognizable.

There are approximately 150 million active domain names! Don’t be surprised if the one you want is taken. If that happens, the owner may be willing to sell it to you. If not, you will need to come up with a different name.

Registering your name. You will need to select a web host. This is where your web pages will reside so that everyone can see them. Most web hosts charge under $20 a month for registering your name and hosting your website. Some have more bells and whistles and charge accordingly.


Just Host


Yahoo Web Hosting

If you want more choices, type website hosting into your search bar. You will get more than you ever wanted.

3. Design Your Website

Here’s the moment you have been waiting for. You finally get to design your website.

Some of the steps will vary depending on the platform you are using.

  • Choose a theme. This will keep the colors and design consistent on every page.
  • Create a page. Usually this is done by clicking on “Pages” “Add One” or the “+” sign.
  • This will open a page that looks similar to a word processing page. Add your text and pictures for only that page.
  • Add another page for different information.
  • Add the pages to your menu bar.

I know this is rather vague, but each platform is different. If you have trouble getting through the process with the program you are using, remember the “Help” button. Also, there is unlimited information on the Internet.

4. Test Your Website

You have built your website, now you will want people to see it. The only way that you can be sure that it appears correctly all of the browsers. The only way to do this is to download the latest version of each browser, open them one at a time, then type the path to your website in the search line. Below are the browsers you will need:

Microsoft Explorer 11



Google Chrome

5.  Direct People to Your Website

You can promote your website by submitting it to search engines such as Google and Bing. Also, as you advertise and people begin looking up your website, it will increase the activity to your page.

This in no way to exhaust the number of subjects on how to create a website. There are books filled with that information. However, it is enough to get you started. After that you can learn how to add plug-ins, buy and/or sell products, and take credit card and PayPal payments.

I promise, when I see your friends, my lips are sealed about how easy it was.

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