How To Create Powerful Infographics

The internet, with its ability to be accessed and updated around the world, makes it one of the wealthiest resource when it comes to information. Various topics and fields of study can be found with just a few clicks of a button. Speeds are increasing too allowing its users to access this information faster and easier than ever before. It is because of this that creators and developers have taken to using visual representations of data, or infographics, to convey their message. Infographics are becoming more and more popular because of their easy integration into websites. It is not easy to create an infographic as there are some things to be considered to allow for the popularity to increase.


When creating an infographic it is important to focus on one particular area of information. This means a recent study, or topic of interest. This will aid the audience in understanding the information being processed without having to make the mental leaps of connecting random bits of information. This will also help the flow of information, which should also be considered.

The design of the infographic should easily force the reader to follow, step-by-step, the information presented from beginning to end so that they do not end up missing crucial information or coming to a point of information where it is necessary to have read something prior. Part of the draw for infographics is the interesting designs of the infographic, which should be markedly more exciting than having to pore over statistics and charts all in various locations throughout the internet. An easy flowing design will sure to increase readership and virality of the infographic.

This goes beyond the information provided to the design and layout. Color schemes should be used effectively to gain the correct response from the reader and to keep them entertained. Bright colors to attract the reader and causes an impact emotionally. Colors that also correspond with the information provided help the reader process information. A simple layout could be more effective than a cluttered design, which forces the audience to be confused on where to look.

An important part of infographics, too, is brevity. A successful infographic will be comprised of short sentences that are concise and to the point. This will ensure that the readers will gain the information provided with limited effort. This is important to remember when offering statistics and charts to properly describe them accurately.

The point of infographics is to provide information quickly and easily. Convenience for the reader is paramount to ensure that the infographic becomes popular and spreads across the internet. Using a clear design, with brilliant colors and simple layout will provide powerful results. The design should also work well with the information and that includes not only the numbers but also the text copy to make a whole composition that flows easily and can be read easily. The use of graphics and images will also help infographics be more entertaining than going over plain text and charts. Using all of these topics alongside each will create an excellent infographic that is sure to create a powerful and lasting impression on its audience.


“Author bio: This is a guest post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a part-time guest blogger interested in design and loves to collect cool infographics from all around the web. Her dream is to start her own infographics agency one day.”

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