How to Design a Highly Successful Landing Page

Website design is very crucial for higher conversion rate. When the clients come to your landing page, your goal can be either ‘sign up’, ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe’. Whatever you want your visitors to do, unless they like your landing page design, the whole expenditure in online promotion is wastage.

Surprisingly though, the business organizations often give less importance to their website’s landing page design. They spend thousands of dollars in PPC, but what they don’t realize is, if the potential customer clicks on the link and lands on a page that looks boring they will simply leave the page. You won’t achieve the conversion rate you are aiming for. If you don’t give enough importance to the landing page design, clients get a wrong message. They feel that the products or service is also as bad as the vendor’s landing page. To design a smashing landing page you should take care of the below mentioned elements.

Heading and Call-to-Action Button– When the customer visits your landing page, he wants to see what you are offering and which button will give him the access to it. Headline and call to action button are the most important elements of a landing page. Your message should be very clear and attract the reader to click on the ‘sign up’ or ‘buy’ button. Users will only spend 4-5 seconds to understand and evaluate your offer. Unless these two things are good enough, they will not become your customer.  Simple headlines like, “Become our member and get a holiday package for 2N/3D absolutely free” is clear and direct. People like to see such headlines in landing pages and they click on the sign up button willingly. When you design the headlines and call to action button, make them attractive for grabbing instant attention. Also give enough white space between the headline and call to action button to create a visual harmony.

Choose the Colors Carefully– Every color has its own meaning and set the mood of a page. If you use a color on your landing page that does not suit your brand, it will have a negative effect on the visitors. Using pink on a male garment website landing page can simply destroy its sales. If you use the colors carefully, it will influence the visitors emotionally and create a feel good factor. For example, in travel and tourism websites, blue and orange colors give the break free and refreshing look that you want when you go for a vacation.

Consistency in Design– If your landing page has multiple sub pages, then all those pages should have a design consistency. Otherwise the visitors will get confused. Besides the design, there should be a consistency in message. Whatever you promise the viewer in the ad must be fulfilled the exact way in the landing page. For instance, if the ad says “Buy 2 shirts and get 1 shirt free”, the landing page should not deviate from that message. If the landing page says, “Buy 2 shirts and get 1 shirt free (not valid for shirts below $50)”, the customer will feel that he is cheated.

Clutter Free Design– Your landing page must be neat and clean. If you add too many images and text in the landing page, the consumers will get confused and they won’t be able to locate the call to action button. Whatever web design elements you use in the landing page, they should work as a guide and help the customer to fulfill his purpose.

Give Few Testimonials– In the landing page keep a separate section for testimonials. You can feature small excerpts of what your past clients said about you. However, the most intelligent thing to do is featuring the logos of your clients in ‘our clients’ list. If you have renowned clients, then using their logo is much more effective than written testimonials. Visitors can overlook a comment made by VP of BMW, but they will never miss the BMW logo in your clients list. The things to avoid in testimonial section are, stock photos and too many testimonials.

Check the Landing Page with A/B Testing Tool– If you have created two landing pages with different color combination and unsure which one will be best for your business, you can use the A/B testing tools to determine the best design. A/B testing tool divide the online traffic between both editions of the landing page and observes which is helping the customers to achieve their goal more effortlessly.

Conclusion– Website’s landing page is the gateway for your customers to access your web store. It’s the most important medium to convince the prospective buyers/subscribers that your product or service is worth trying. When you design the landing page of your website, don’t forget to check if all the elements are well balanced and can attain high conversion rate.

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  • Peter

    Thanks for this great post it is very helpful. You give really good tips for starter but also for experienced web designers. I’m really bad in choosing colors for my sites so your tip about the colors really helped me, but the others were good to.

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  • Prodyot

    Yes, landing page designing is an art and a science in itself.
    Thanks for the article.