How to Drive Traffic to Your Website via Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking site that has gained popularity very fast .It has a unique concept of being an image oriented site that helps to drive more traffic as compared to any other social networking site. The image that is posted or pinned on your blog can easily become popular and bring more traffic. The user interface provided by this image oriented site is great and has been successful in hooking everyone to Pinterest. It’s not very easy to drive the traffic to Pinterest; it requires one to be patient and the correct strategy. This site helps the user to enjoy the site as well as help to divert attention to your blog. The first step to make the blog pinnable is to add an Pinterest button which makes the reader easy to pin images from the blog. Make sure the Pin button is attached to every post

Some tips to help you drive more traffic to your pinterest are as follows:

  1. Create Content Rich Board: This is one of the best ways to promote your blog as you need to share your own as well as images and content by other people. If you have a good content people will come to your blog searching for topics and content .If the blog is good you will have regular visitors who will share your pins and help in getting more traffic to your blog. If you post your own content as well as others content it makes the pins more clickable and adds to the score. Example of blogs with great Pinterest is The Next Web, Tech & Design, TNW team and much more. The board contains topic on varied interest like technology, social media, networking and much more.
  2. Create Elongated Images: In a study it has been shown that taller images help getting more pins for the blog. This does not mean that you need to have long infographics instead create elongated images. You can do this by combining several images together and or by stretching it.
  3. Adding Images to Posts:  Try to add alteast one image of minimum size 110X100 pixels on every post on the blog. If the blog contains no images or the size of an  image is small than the blog cannot be pinned. Try to add creative and beautiful picture to seek more attention and hence more pins .The picture size should be big enough to make it more pinnable. One can add more than one picture to ones post to make it more pinnable.
  4. Add a common default image:   Adding default common picture that is visible on the blog that can be seen on all the posts also helps in getting more even if you forgets to add an image to the post or the post doesn’t have an image than too you can be sure that the default image will always be pinned. The default image could be placed on the header, side bars, footers, or center. Try to add a relevant default image to the blog which suits the topic , so that the image becomes relevant
  5. Create button like “click on me”: One can ask people to pin images on one blog, as this is not known to many people .so one can gain more traffic by just asking people to pin the images on the board. It will take the minimal effort and in return get lot of attention. One can do this by creating a blog and adding a button on it which says “Click on Edit Button”, while clicking on the button a new screen will appear that displays another button “Me Contributor” and if you click on this, the name of the reader as well as all the other contributor will pop up. You can also add more pins by having a contest that allows the reader to pin something your blog. Choose the pin that you like the most and thank the person whose pin you liked the most .after the completion change the setting of the blog back to normal.

You can be innovative with the pictures and offer solution along with the pictures .The solution can be to some general problem and if these solution are related to your blog than its much better

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