How to Get Started in Developing Websites

Starting to develop websites can be difficult if you don’t know much about it. If you don’t have a related background, then you will have to start from the very beginning and learn the basics. Here is a basic description of each of the aspects you will need to learn about.

  • Languages

There are many languages to choose from when it comes to developing a website, and here are the most common you will need to know.

HTML: This represents “Hypertext Markup Language” and if you intend to be a developer you better get to know it very well.

CSS: This is “Cascading Style Sheet”, and it works alongside HTML to define the outcome of the HTML. This is commonly used and requires knowledge of HTML.

  • Raw Code

Every site needs to have a source code behind it that will house all of the databases, classes and functions. This is easily your best bet if you prefer hardcore coding to the task of designing. However, it is highly recommended that you at least know designing basics like CSS and HTML. If the raw coding is more up your alley then begin with Javascript before moving on towards the more in-depth languages like ASP.NET or PHP.

  • Design

The design will determine the actual look of your site. You will need to have basic knowledge of software programs like Photoshop. You will still need to know about CSS and HTML as that will still make up the core of your site. This aspect will be easy if you have a generally creative nature. A website isn’t of much use if it doesn’t feature a great eye-catching design.

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Getting Started

The hardest part will probably be getting the wheels in motion. You can either get some books from the local library or check the web for instructional videos. In my opinion, a book is a better way to go as many videos will head right into the coding aspect of things and not take the time to go over the variables and tags that are crucial to developing your own site.

Editor Tools

There are many editors, and it is important to find one that fits your needs. Some of these may be overkill for your needs, but they are still a good idea, as they help you when you get into the advanced languages. The best editor for MAC is probably TextMate, which has ideal makeup functions, but can be rather expensive. Many people just use Windows, where they are able to use Notepad. They could also use a more advanced program like PHPdesigner, which does come at a marginal cost, but is well worth it.

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  • Brett Widmann

    This was a helpful beginners guide! I’ll be sending this to some friends.

  • D.J.Rony

    The first thing you need to know is that HTML is a must thing to understand before you started to developing sites. It is not like that you have to memories all of them, but you have to learn how to at least implement and change them.

    Google it when you can’t find anything. And when you will be quite familiar with the HTML- go for the php and javascript. You will see they are not quite different from HTML