How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are hardly a new concept and have been an integral part of websites for many years, but thankfully technology has made it easier to produce something that looks considerably better than some of those pioneers of the early animated days.

Some people might even take the view that GIFs are more retro than a cutting-edge design option, but a new wave of digital artists have been able to prove how current and relevant they can be, by bringing photographs and digital art to life in a unique way.

This infographic shows you how to create some of your own awesome animated GIFs with a guide to the sort of tools you will need and how to use them alongside your own imagination.

You can learn how to create animated GIFs from video files or YouTube videos and get some tips on how to use some free apps to get creative. There is also a section that looks at Photoshop techniques to produce some professional looking GIFs.

If you want to unleash the true power of animated GIFs and create something that definitely doesn’t look like an homage to the past, this guide should give you all the tips and tools you need.

How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


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