How to Make Millions from Triond, Is that True?

Before I go about explaining whether Triond is a Scam or not, you must be well aware of what Triond is and what is its purpose. Triond is very similar to Squidoo or the Hub Pages. Apparently, Triond network seems to be safe ground for the new writers. However, a lot of people have been facing troubles with Triond and several complaints. But before addressing that, let’s just explore what can you write with Triond? Well, everything and anything that comes under the domain of writing skills can be written and published via Triond. You make money on Triond in accordance with the traffic that turns to content written by you.

What is the Story of Million Dollar Scam by Triond?

Well, the story is pretty simple and straight. Few users have apparently gained extensive funds into their Triond accounts, all of a sudden. Moreover, the recipients also find it hard to figure out why they have received so much money for their content within a blink! Few people think that this has been because of an internal server error or due to some other technical fault.

Is this Million Dollar Turn Out, A Scam?

Well there are countless reasons to believe that this Million dollar fuss, is nothing but a scam or a way to create hype about deteriorating Triond. There are people who have had complaints about earning via Triond because all of a sudden their daily incomes would reduce to mere zero and they would find it hard to earn anything decent or anything at all, from the content that they have created! So, apparently, they should have contacted the Triond support to make sure that they help them out and sort out their problem or give a logical explanation of the situation.

However, surprisingly, the Triond support seems to pay little or no heed to the complaints or concerns of the users and remained almost silent in this whole troubled situation. The users may not figure why their earnings reduce down and neither have they got any explanation from Triond.

Another problem with Triond is that, they may even ban your account without notifying you. You can, still, publish content with a banned account but only thing that stops is your earning! Moreover, Triond also does not give an option to deactivate your account. Apparently, Triond does this only to keep earning money, even, from the work of users-who are banned! The helpdesk of Triond, itself, appears to be in need of help!

So, the conclusion of all this discussion seems to be plain: The Million dollar thing seems to be a scam. Moreover, does that prove Triond to be scam site? Well, I cannot say that for sure because Triond does have a flexible work platform and the method through which they promise you money requires some active traffic flow to your content-which is not easy. So, Triond may be or may not be a Scam-Mill but it, certainly, is facing countless problems and issues which need to be addressed by the Triond team soon enough.

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