How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out in the 21st Century

It is all too easy in the digital age that we live in to write off many traditional business and marketing techniques like direct mail, face to face interactions, and business cards. Digital marketing and e-commerce have changed the playing field but have not changed the rules. Business cards are a great way to establish relationships and remind potential clients of your services in the future. Below are many ways to make your business card stand out in the 21st century.


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1) Use new technology like QR codes

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Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. This creates a unique opportunity when it comes to making a unique business card. Leave some space on the back of the business card in the corner for a QR code (a scannable image that gives phone instructions). For example, you could place a QR code on your card that would redirect when scanned to the company website, a promotional youtube video, or even a coupon or discount. This integration of print and digital makes it possible to track business card success.

2) Unique and sleek textures stimulate memory

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Business cards are useful but can often get lost in the crowd with dozens of other business cards competing for valuable wallet space. Find a unique texture that will make your card stand out from the rest and is pleasing to the touch. This will also help add an additional layer other than appearance to your card to help make it more memorable down the line.

3) Bump share and digital image storage

One problem with print business cards is that they are so easy to lose or just throw away. How many times have you done some house cleaning with your wallet or purse and thrown away receipts and business cards? There are many different apps on android and iPhone, like bump share technology, that allow you to either store digital business cards, or take pictures of a physical business card and save them in your phone. Business cards don’t get thrown out as much when you don’t have to physically keep up with them.

4) Include links to your social media

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In the olden days a business card needed a few key pieces of information; a phone number, an address, and an email address. Today, business cards need to include social media information like a linkedin account, a website, twitter accounts (if you use twitter) and other social networks that are related to your niche. This also shows potential customers that you are actively involved in more ways than one with the industry.

There are many traditional tips that still are relevant today with business cards. As always make sure that your design and message are consistent with both your personal branding and branding of the company. A great design will always be one way to “wow” potential customers and give them a reason to remember you.

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