How to Make Your Personal Custom Grid System in Photoshop?

With the increasing needs of websites for the successful running of the businesses, it has become an essential for the business organizations to come up with the best quality websites in order to attract the large number of customers online. However, it is not easy for the web developers to code for the whole website in a few days, as there is a huge load on their shoulders for the web development of various organizations. Owing to the advent of Adobe Photoshop, it has made it easier for the web developers to develop the web in a relatively less time.

Personal customized grids creation through Adobe Photoshop:

Layout of the website comes out to be very detrimental for the organization if it is not given a complete consideration. But to design an impressive layout through CSS or HTML requires the developers to think logically for weeks to come up with the single website. In contrast to this, Adobe Photoshop has developed a grid feature for the web layouts creation that has been assisting the web developers and freelancers in the web creation for many years.


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Following are the steps that are involved in the grid selection and creation through Adobe Photoshop.

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document in it to start the work on.
  • To select the grid feature, go to the “View” and then show. From show, drag your cursor to the grid and click it. This will be followed by a grid on the new document that can be used for layouts.
  • In order to make a grid more useful and impressive, people have to make some changes in the parameters of the grid cell. These can be accomplished by accessing to the grid settings option.
  • In order to choose the preference guide, people have to go to the Edit button, and then they are supposed to click the preferences followed by a click on the Guide. This will lead to the preference guide in which people can make significant changes to make the grid more impressive and stunning for the users. People can choose from the different colors to make the permanent cells and designs of the grid.
  • Snapping tool provides you with the alignment of texts and different other objects so that they may not be displaced. This can be done by going to “View” and then clicking on the Snap. This will lead to the fixed grouping of all objects. This can be undone as well by going again to the grid view from the same menu.
  • After completing the design, you can opt for the show grid that will lead to the display of the final outcome. In this way, these designs can be utilized by the web developers for various developing purposes.

This use of the grid feature in the Adobe Photoshop demands from the developers a high class expertise. People cannot make it happen by their own as these gridding activities require a lot of coding and techniques to move it on CSS. However, with the help of grids in Adobe Photoshop, it has become easy for the web developers to develop the web with the same content and its locations and margins on different browsers and devices. This is why, the content of the website is first designed into grids for the longer usability, and then this is put on the website.


Many links can be placed in different grids on the same web page for the search engine optimization of the web pages. In this way, grids help a lot in placing the banners and forward links for the successful marketing of the business.

The whole process to develop the website layout with the help of Adobe Photoshop and then to delete low quality links from the website is being superbly done by Nisha Pandey. She has been developing the state of the art templates and themes for the websites of her clients for many years.

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