How to Spice up Your Design with Stock Photos

Working a certain project is not that easy if you don’t have enough knowledge where to get your resources in doing that project. This will include fonts, graphics and even stock photos. So the tips there is collect and bookmarked your resources first or every time you will encounter any potential resources that might useful for your future projects.

And one the hardest part in designing is to convey your audience and how you will deliver the message of your design. Adding some popular stock photos is a great way in order to convey your audience but most of the stock photos that is present in the internet right now are not free but they are still affordable for you to use it. It’s up to you on how you will budget you money in buying those stock photos.

The tips there is don’t buy any stock photos in which you think you can’t use it in the future projects unless you have enough budget to purchase those stock photos or graphics. Those are just a few tips on how to spice up your design whether it is a graphic design, motion graphics or web design. But the most important thing you should always remember is don’t you ever steal any stock photos, graphics or any related materials without asking permission or buying it before using it in your projects.

Always give credit in all your materials used in making your project in return to their effort and time making and creating those materials.

Check this stock photos website where you can get high quality materials.


Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. Every day we add thousands of photographs, illustrations, and vectors to our outstanding collection of premium, royalty-free images.


Depositphotos is your #1 resource for buying and selling royalty-free files (photographs, vector images, videos, etc.). Our vast library coupled with our wide variety of flexible purchase options makes us the most convenient and profitable tool for designers, artists and photographers.


Welcome to iStockphoto, the web’s original source for royalty-free stock images, media and design elements. For over 10 years artists, designers and photographers from all over the world have come here to create, work and learn.




Our web site works like your own image library. As a member, you can search, sample, order, and receive images online. We’re continuously working to add more incentives and features to accommodate your needs. Our representatives respond quickly to your requests, questions, and comments – maintaining the highest standards of service that our members have come to expect.



SXC was launched in February 2001 as an alternative for expensive stock photography. The idea was to create a site where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work. The site has evolved into the massive community you see today — there are over 2,500,000 registered users and around 400,000 photos online.




Bigstock is your fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock images. We offer over 10 million royalty-free photographs and illustrations from talented photographers and artists around the globe, available for almost any purpose.


123rf is your one-stop royalty-free photo library offering stunning, practical stock photos at the most affordable price! We’ve got the latest photos right here – refreshing, intriguing images for your creative projects. For a single subscription fee, you can get access to a wealth of high-resolution images. Alternatively, you may purchase credits and download images, all for a very low rate.


I hope this article will guide and help you. Enjoy.

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    I Like sxc.. they give some photo free without watermark.

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